Child Adoption Guidelines and Procedures

Babies bring everlasting happiness to everyone’s home. Many parents would like to adopt a child but they will be confused regarding the procedures and rules associated with adopting a child. The following is a general adoption guideline that can be followed by those who want to adopt a child.

Adoption Guidelines

Child Adoption Guidelines

General guidelines:

The following are the common steps to be remembered during the course of adoption.

  • It is a must to educate yourself and your family members before you adopt your child
  • Decide the type of adoption you want to make
  • Adoption will be requiring a lot more expenses and it is necessary to investigate all those expenses before you adopt your child.
  • Select an appropriate adoption agency/facilitator and/or attorney
  • While selecting an agency to carry out the process, it is a must to fill up the agency application form in an appropriate manner
  • You will have to begin your home-study process before you adopt your child
  • It would be a wiser way to attend pre-adoption and parenting classes since this will be a greater help in understanding the adoption process and the steps that will have to be carried out after you bring your lovable child to your home
  • You will want to give a warm welcome to your child and hence prepare well for your child’s arrival
  • You may have to file a petition to adopt a child
  • Finalize your adoption process
  • Get a post-adoption services and education
  • Specifics:

    Mostly the steps involved in adopting a child will not be varying but it is an important thing to remember that adoption law will be differing from state to state and from country to country. Hence, before you adopt your child, it is necessary to know the rules and regulation of your own state. For example, some country will be having weight restrictions for adopting parents and many more. Also, adoption facilitators will be allowed to operate only in some states and they cannot be able to operation on all states and also post-adoption contact agreements would be legally enforceable in some states and not be in others. Hence, if one wants to know about these state and country-specific details then they will have to contact their state adoption specialist for this information’s. Couples who would like to adopt a child should not depend on websites since they would be giving fake information and hence it would be a wise choice to contact an agency when it comes to adoption. In case, if you are looking at the websites for the information about an adoption process then you have to compare the details with the original documents provided by your state adoption departments.

    Also, while selecting a public or private agency/facilitator and/or attorney for domestic or international adoption, get a good help from your friends or other relatives who have already adopted through the same agency/facilitator and/or attorney.

    Tips to choose an agency:

    When you conclude to appoint an agency for adopting your child, it is advisable to contact a reputable agency and do not go with any random agencies. Also, you will have to aware about the type of adoption you are going to make. Hence, while choosing an agency, it is good to go through the following steps.

  • Seek reference from your friends, adoptive parent groups, doctors and adoption attorneys
  • Give a glance on several agencies and prepare a list of agencies that best meet your basic requirements(type of adoption, domestic, international)
  • It is must to verify the license of the agency you are willing to take and also make sure the license you are look at is a current one and be sure about the complaints that have been filed on the agency
  • Ask your agency about adoptive parent requirements concerning the marital status, age, income, health, etc.
  • Also get good knowledge about the pre-adoption and post-adoption services.
  • Get a deep knowledge about the services fees as the fees will be a large one and will be varying from agency to agency. Hence, investigate thoroughly about the fees associated with each and every agency
  • Enquire how long the agency has been in business and about the number of adoptions they have completed. Also, don’t forget to enquire regarding the percentage of adoptions they have failed.
  • Ask about the waiting period. Some agencies will be finishing up the process fast while some may not. Hence, if you want to avoid the longer waiting period, get a good knowledge about the average waiting period the any agency you would like to appoint.
  • Ask about the agencies professional affiliations and standards of practices.
  • Never work with the agency you didn’t personally investigated
  • Whatever advice other may be giving to you, never forget to follow your instincts.
  • It is a must to remember that once the child enters your family, you will be the sole responsibility of that child and the future of your child rests in your hand. Plan your child’s future in a best way. The road to adoption is not a smooth one but you will have to accept it with your full heart since it concerns your child’s future. How to adopt a child is a question that needs severe attention and good care has to be taken while you are adopting your child. Do the processes with your full heart and be ready to welcome the happiness to your home. Best of Luck!!!

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