Comparison of Mobiles | Nokia Vs Samsung Phones

Choosing a best mobile would be a challenge today as every mobile has one or other positive feature over another. Here we compare two leading brands – Nokia Vs Samsung Mobiles. The comparison would give you an idea based on your need but cannot pick just one as the best. Basically, most of the comparison features would be based on the OS. Android and Symbian or Windows which these two phones operate on. When you start your review on mobile phones the sensible way is not just looking at the mobile features but to relate them with your need. In most cases consumers would end up paying a high price for a mobile, but keep the features unused till the time they get rid of that mobile.

Nokia Vs Samsung Phones Comparisons

The comparison here is basically for the Smartphones from both the companies. When you get out of the brands it is more or less the comparisons of Android vs Symbian and Windows.

Mobile Comparison | Nokia Vs Samsung

  • Nokia uses their own OS that is Symbian. Samsung uses Android OS which now belongs to Google and is a open source.
  • Android being an opensource OS, any mobile company can use it for their Smartphones
  • Lots of application available online are more compatible for Android than for Symbian
  • Nokia has got Windows Smartphones but hasn’t gone miles yet to call it best or worst
  • Battery life is good with Nokia compared to Samsung. The battery would be the same with any Android phones
    as the OS keeps working in background.
  • Android being Google’s OS the availability of mobile applications we abundant on Internet
  • Variants are more with Samsung comparing to Nokia, however Nokia has started its range of mobiles with Lumia series
  • Nokia is late in the market with Smartphones when compared to Samsung

Comparison of samsung Galaxy

  • The advantage of using a Samsung Smartphone is its Android OS. When you would like to share or recommend an App to your friend or family, most likely many would be using an Android OS based mobile. There shouldn’t be any inconvenience sharing your happy moments due the variations in OS
  • Having a Symbian OS – Nokia phone do have its advantage. Mobile crashing due to virus could be less on Symbian based mobiles as the genuine reason is being a private software. Since, Nokia has limited number of mobiles when comparing to Android in the market the hackers would target to hit the major numbers. More hacking and sort of techniques are tried on Android based Smartphones.

Nokia Asha 311

  • Android being a open source software for mobiles there shouldn’t be any inconvenience when you shift between or change to another mobile. For example – if you are using a Samsung Smartphone and while shifting to another brand (with Android OS) you can easily restore the previous contents from your old mobile.
  • When you try to shift from Nokia to another mobile brand there are more chances for you to face the inconvenience to restore the contents of your Nokia mobile to the new one.
  • For now, other than Nokia no other brand uses Symbian OS. Think about transferring contacts and contents to another mobile when you are in need.

The mobile comparison between Nokia Vs Samsung occupies more space on their operating systems. However, one cannot spread the blanket to hold just one brand higher over another.

imgae of nokia

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