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Courses in hairdressing are much in demand among the career seekers in beauty and lifestyle arena. Selective institutes and training centers provide complete courses in hairdressing. Beauty and beauty management has been our inseparable part of our life since the historical times. Hairdressing plays a vital role in our beautification and hence the hairdressers are very much in demand across the world in various parts stages of the beautifying processes. In general a beautician cannot be an expert in hairdressing and the beautician needs. A beautician needs the advice, instruction and ideas from a hairdresser.

Diploma and Certificate Courses in Hairdressing

Diploma and Certificate Courses in Hairdressing

The following hairdressing courses exist widely and they are all inclusive of Diploma and Certificate courses including real-time training provided by the respective institutions or schools or training centers.

  • Advance Cut & Color:

This Advance Cut & Color training program trains you to be master of hair cuts and hair coloring. After completion of this program you’ll have a clear understanding of the clients need and can right techniques to give the right finished look.

  • Advance Diploma Course

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This Diploma Course normally has duration of 8 to 12 weeks (2-3 months). It covers basic anatomy and physiology, diagnosis of specific skin/scalp types and problems, facial treatments, practical skills in facial, head and body massage, hair dressing/styling, normal salon treatments (hair removal, manicure, pedicure, nail art/care, etc.), make-up, dietetics, body care, weight control, nutrition, exercise and the use of advanced equipment in skin, hair and health care.

  • Advance Diploma in Hair Dressing

The Advanced Diploma in Hairdressing is tailored for Hairdressers and Beauticians who wants to pursue further in this field to advanced level. As this course covers every aspect of fashion makeup and hairdressing to attain the finesse to achieve top level this has a great career opening.

  • Advance Hair Diploma Holder

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Completion of Advanced Hair Course is necessary as it gives a comprehensive training in hair design and styling. Normally, this course consumes a 2-month time period focusing on advanced professional hair styling and hair design, along with contemporary styles and trends. It also includes all styling procedures, special occasion hairstyles, deep conditioning, as well as preparation of hair packs, scalp treatments and treatment of hair damage. The job opportunity lies in fashion and entertainment industries.

  • Advance Hair Dressing

This course is also similar to other advanced diploma courses that covers up almost all parts of hairstyling and beautification.

  • Basic Hair Dressing

Basic Hair Dressing courses are certificate level courses where they cover up most of the basic hairdressing ethics which has normal duration of 6 to 7 days period. These are all short-term courses.

  • Basic Hair professional- Hair Level I

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These professional courses are aimed to provide multiple levels of periodical training which goes by level 1, 2 and further. These courses have eligibility criteria as its previous levels completion. Someone who has ethical training but looking for a certification can opt for these types of courses.

  • Basic Makeup Course

This is a beautician course that covers up hairdressing as a part of it. Though these types of courses are not exclusively for hair dressing, the certification is valid for a career building and to get an entry in the professional field. Also this can be a qualification to pursue other advanced courses.

  • Basic Program in Hair Dressing

The Basic Program in Hair Dressing is for beginners those who wants to learn the hairstyling practices from classic to contemporary. This entry level course can give you a ticket to proceed further in this well-flouring beauty industry.

  • Beauty – Long Term Courses- Advanced Certificate Course in Hair Designing

These long-term hairstyling courses are provided by only certain premiere institutes whose certifications are highly acceptable and recognizable for higher benefits like getting a job in a reputed organization or getting assistance in starting your own business.

Other courses those are related to hairdressing:

These following courses may not be exclusively designed for hairdressers or courses for hairdressing but they do include training parts on hairstyling those are obviously related to beautician courses.

  • Beauty – Long Term Courses- Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology
  • Beauty – Long Term Courses- Certificate Course in Beauty Culture
  • Advanced Body Treatments Course
  • Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology
  • Advanced Makeup Course
  • Advanced Paramedical Esthetics Course
  • Aromatherapy Course
  • Basic Body Massage Course
  • Basic Diploma Course
  • Basic Manicure and Pedicure Course
  • Courses in hairdressing are provided by a few institutions only in major cities. To become a genuine hairdresser and if you are passionate about hairstyling, it is necessary to complete an organized hairdressing course for the certification. The beginning of any of these above courses will be an eye-opener to enthusiast who wishes to pursue a career in advanced beauty concepts. Hairdressing is not just a skill but it is a skillful art that needs more than the certificate, the passion towards beauty.

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