Daring Vidya Balan in Hot Poses of Silk Smitha

Vidya Balan Dares to Pose Hot in Tribute to Silk Smitha

Ekta Kapoor’s “The Dirty Picture” has been disclosed finally at Bandra’s Galaxy theatre in which Vidya Balan in hot poses were seen for the first time . The film is scheduled to be released on Silk Smitha’s birthday about whom the whole film is being made. Though the date of release is under consideration, mostly it would be on the Southern hot item girl’s birthday.

Vidya Balan in Hot Poses for the film Dirty Picture

Actress Vidya Balan in the film "Dirty Picture"

Vidhya Balan took the bold role of Silk Smitha in this film where the “dirty-side” of biography of her professional and personal life is being shot for the first time. The hot dream girl of Southern cinema of the country had been the queen of dreams during 80s.

Vidya Balan in Hot New Image Gallery

Vidya Balan in "Dirty Picture"

Silk Smitha’s birthday falls on December 02 and the film is set to get released on this day. Sources say that it is not just a sentiment but the tribute to the great actress who is well known for her bold and seducing erotica during her period.

Sexy actress of Bollywood Vidya Balan Bold

Bold and Beautiful - Vidya Balan

K. Balachander, a legend in the Indian film industry from Tamil film industry gave her the name “Silk” as a title added to her name as she is soft and sensual like the cloth silk. No wonder that she remained so during her career in the cinema industry where she was every men’s dream.

Spicy Looking Vidya Balan is looking hot in black dress

Black Magic of Vidya Balan

It needs extra courage to perform the story of Silk Smitha who was bold in her performances which made her the ultimate sensual symbol of the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada film industry and audiences.

Hot Vidhya Balan as Silk Smitha in Dirty Picture

She makes you to slip - Vidya Balan

This extra glamorous actress’s real name is Vijayalakshmi, born in Andhra Pradesh who later moved to Madras (Chennai) and her first film was Vandi Chakkaram in Tamil, in the year of 1979. The young Vidya Balan in hot new poses for this special film reminds the hot ages of “Silky” star Smitha back on silver screen.

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