Dark Knight Rises Lumia 800 | Batman Lumia Smartphone

Nokia mobile company has introduced Lumia-800 Dark Night Knight Smartphone. This Smartphone is a special edition in the series of Lumia. Generally, whatever Smartphone you hear about the first thing would be to know its technology, features and its screen look. But in this smartphone, few non-technical new features are there.

Batman Lumia 800 | Dark Knight Rises Nokia Smartphone

Nokia Lumia 800 | The Batman Smartphone Lumia 800

In this Lumia 800 Dark Knight, lots of games have been preloaded. Mobile coming with pre-loaded games won’t be a special news, but the interesting fact on this new mobile is that Dark Knight application has been given in this mobile – which is new.

In this Dark Knight app lots of video and many games have been preloaded. Dark Knight wallpapers, trailers, ringtones etc. including many interesting information about new version of Dark Knight Rises movie has been imparted here as games and ringtones. This would create more eagerness to the mobile lovers, movie lovers and consumers in general.

Nokia Dark Knight Rises Lumia Series

Dark Knight Rises Lumia 800 | Nokia’s Batman Smartphone

Nokia Lumia-800 Dark Knight Smartphone will be costing Rs. 24,999.00. This Smartphone will be available in Nokia Stores very soon. Additional information is that the “Batman Symbol” which has attracted many children and kids is printed on the backside of this Smartphone.

Earlier Nokia Corporation has announced its release of new Smartphone Knight Rises Lumia-800. Lumia series Smartphones are getting popular among mobile users so it was Nokia’s plan to give some different version of it to attract the public.

In the world of Smartphones, it is Samsung and Apple which rules the market having a place for them. Nokia is trying to stabilize a place among other global mobile manufacturers using its new coming Smartphones. That way it is highly expected that this Dark Knight Rises Lumia 800 will have plenty of technological features attracting its users.

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