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My interest in interior design did not jell with that of my parents. A career in interior designing was not my family’s cup of tea. My parents wanted me to either become a professor or an artist. They looked the other way when they came to know of my intention to pursue my career in interior design.

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My desire to become an interior designer was due to the fact that I wanted to do something with an intellectual involvement and not to make a lot of money.

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My parents, seeing my resoluteness in pursuing a career in interior designing, slowly changed their mindset and started to be supportive. They learnt that interior decoration does not stop with only decoration, but it makes the given space for decoration a useful one for those who live and work.

At last, I went to the best interior design school in the country, fared extraordinarily well. By spending my time to get good grades, I did not make connections which are the basic requisite from the job point of view. If one has to succeed as an interior decorator one has to develop contacts with architects, few leading promoters and decision makers in the industry.

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My lack of contacts limited my scope of getting challenging jobs. A few entry level jobs were offered but they were not interesting. I immediately realized that I should work to develop my contacts in the industry. I applied and got a job in a big firm. The jobs that I handled were not interesting as they were basically confined to redesigning of factories. The contacts I have developed in the current job has made me ambitious in pursuing a challenging career in interior designing that it has given confidence to me to contemplate quitting the current job and look for more greener pastures. Though house architects and interiors designers are in much demand, it is individual’s choice to choose one that suits them best.

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