Formal hairstyles for medium hair

Formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Prom hairstyle

Look of the hair is one of the biggest parts of the appearance of a girl or woman. Your hairstyle speaks a lot about what kind of personality you possess. This becomes increasingly important when you are heading for a business meeting, job interview or formal gathering. Your hairstyle can play a role in bringing you success.

A medium length hair can offer you plenty of options for gorgeous formal hairstyles that render an elegant look. If you are looking for the right style of hair for your work or the next event, one of the hairstyles ideas mentioned here or a combination of some should surely help you.

Formal Updos for Medium Hair

Curly formal hairstyle

Shoulder length hair can always afford numerous beautiful updos that never reveal the actual hair length. These hairstyles are the most suitable and popular for summer days when you need to get more organized and keep the locks away from your face while being able to wear a formal look. Here are some of the most popular updo hairstyles for medium length hair.

  • Sweet Updo: This is a cute style for prom or formal gathering. In this style, curls are pinned up on the top of the head to create an updo and a thick fringe is left off to retain the frame and softness of the shape. This hairstyle is great for girls having curly hair as it saves the time spent on curling.
  • Retro Twist: A twist and thick side fringes together create this pretty retro hairstyle suitable for girls and women heading to formal events or work. This hairstyle is easy, beautiful and timeless. To get this hairstyle, you can first iron your bangs straight towards the side to make a sleek side look. Then you need to tease horizontal hair sections from the back and continue till you reach the bangs. Gather all the hair into a smooth ponytail and tuck it upwards into a twist securing it with pins.

Bun Hairstyles that Always Work

Bun Bubble hairstyle

When you are too much confused about your hair styling for formal occasion or work, you can choose a bun because you can never go wrong with it. The bun hairstyle is the classic business look in any decade. You can soften your bun in many ways to avoid getting a color or strict look. A less firm bun with some locks sticking out from it will be perfect.

  • A Bump and a Twist: This is an elegant hairstyle that looks good with any color of hair. In this style, you bring together a side part, a sleek twist and a teased crown into a low bun that looks cute without adding any stuffiness.
  • Starburst Style: The medium length hairstyle suitable for formal dances, proms and gatherings is popular because of its edgy and smooth textures. You comb the hair into a low ponytail and lift it up to twist and bun. Make the edge spiky with hairspray.

Rolls for the Perfect Look

The classiest and the most sophisticated hairstyles that work for formal dresses are the rolls. The good thing about rolls is that they can be easily made on medium length hair.

  • French Roll: The most popular and formal roll is French Roll which always succeeds even with strict dress codes. To make a French roll, you need to gather all your hair into a ponytail and without tying it, twist it upwards to make a roll. Holding the roll with a hand, pin it with bobby pins using the other hand. It is also possible to make a French roll from top to bottom.

Hairstyle french roll

  • French Twist: When you want to look different, you should definitely choose the French twist. In this style, you twist the ponytail tightly after pulling upwards and pin it to make a twisted roll. You can leave the ends falling freely to get a less strict look.

Bridal French twist

  • Braided Roll: The combination of twists and roll to create a formal look is not so strict. This hairstyle adjusts the look on the basis of the outfits and accessories.

Braided messy buns

  • The cute updo can be made by creating braids right from the bangs to the top and back of the head. The braids you make at the back can be braided together to make a large braid which can be rolled and pinned.

These were some of the formal styles for shoulder-gazing hair. Medium length hair has a variety of choices for formal hairstyles. Some of them are really easy and quick to do at home while others can take up some time and effort. Choose wisely according to the occasion and complete your formal look for enhanced confidence and success.

Maria braided hairstyle

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