Honda Amaze Diesel or The Ford EcoSport Diesel?

From an user’s perspective the differences one see in these cars.

Both are recent cars in Indian automobile market. Honda Amaze and Ford EcoSport. Honda Amaze was precisely launched with Indian automobile-consumer market in the minds of Honda. Being the first diesel car from Honda they have paid much attention to bring it successful. Being one among the world leaders in car industry, Honda would not want a impression of failure in its innovative launch.

The Ford EcoSport has been launched universally though, the Indian market has a huge stake to contribute. Due to the consequent raise in petrol and diesel prices as well more audience would prefer going for a diesel car.

Honda Amaze has come with a diesel engine which is made out of aluminium, hence, it is lighter than any other diesel engine. Less weight means less fuel consumption and the vehicle gets a bonus of extra horsepower as well.

Ford EcoSport Diesel

Ford EcoSport

So, if the engine specifications are compared, Amaze gives an 8-horsepower than Ecosport. However, Ecosport gives more torque. Usually diesel engines are known for giving more torque. Why Torque is considered to be important? High Torque is useful to reach a desired speed, overtaking and climbing on hills.

As far as reviews are concerned Honda Amaze diesel reviews doesn’t score much when comparing to its petrol version.

Honda Amaze Diesel Version

Honda Amaze

From a review: Honda Amaze is said to give a mileage of 25.8 KMPL which is best in India. Honda Amaze scores more as its engine is lighter and also its more cheaper than Ecosport (has around Rs. 1 lakh difference). From user’s point of view Honda’s service quality is much better.

It doesn’t end here! Price does matter when you are investing it on your car which is going to be part of your family. For its range the price of Ford EcoSport seems to be low. The price of EcoSport is Rs. 5.59 lakh which has been seen as low in its range.

Honda Amaze Diesel

Why is the price of Ford EcoSport very low?

This would be an appropriate answer from a review on EcoSport’s price. A guy from US has posted this for the lowest price tag of EcoSport – “You get what you pay for. We buy broken down junk cars in the Houston TX area, and two of the most common vehicles that we receive are the Ford Escort and the Ford Taurus. Most commonly, the car has overheated, and the head gaskets have blown and now the repair bill ranges from $1200 – $2500 depending on your mechanic.

Honda Amaze Diesel

This does not mean that it’s guaranteed that your Ford car will break down, it just needs maintenance more frequently. And driving it gently probably couldn’t hurt.”

Test drive both and buy which proves to be comfortable for you. According to me, Ecosport will be more better.

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