How Many Life Insurance Policies Can I Have?

How big is it not to have any insurance policy; it is the same mistake if one has too many insurance policies for them. A person who has many insurance might be in a thought as if their life is more secured and strong. But the truth is different; his money is being wasted without any use for him and without his knowledge. Just like that how many insurance policies can a person have?

More Insurance Policies are NOT Worth

How Many Insurance Policy can I have?

Insurance Policies are not Investments

People are still having confusions related to insurance policies and its terms. Insurance policies are only for financial rescue when one’s income is stopped; to help them and to their family dependents in finance related needs. But unfortunately, most of us are still in the thought of insurance as an investment. Due to this consideration they are taking too many policies.

Rather than one taking too many policies the most important thing to be taken in to view is what for he or she is taking the insurance and what is the coverage that they’re going to be benefitted with. For this, we have to change our view on insurance policies and understand them clearly. Only then we can come out of confusions.

Your Economic Value

Before entering into insurance, we need to analyze and clarify our wealth that is – “economic value”. Our income, our dependents, their needs, our asset value, how much can we manage to pay premium, etc must have to be taken into consideration, which is most important.

Normally, it is advisable to take a coverage plan of 15 to 20 times higher than your annual income. At the same time, when you are new to a job it would be sensible to make your insurance coverage amount from 3 to 4 times higher than your annual income.

Term Insurance

The Insurance policies those have money returns upon maturity will definitely have high premium. But accordingly, will the maturity amount be profitable? In most cases, the answer is “No”. On these types of policies, only 5 to 6% of profit can be expected. This income is must lower than what a post office savings can give you.

In general, the motto of taking an insurance policy is to get the maximum returns out of it. It is good to go for term insurance schemes where it gives the opportunity to get maximum returns on low premium. It is also good to calculate about 5% of your annual income to be paid for the premium of your term insurance policy. Many are putting their money in an investment thought on endowment and ULIP policies and keep waited receiving a much less income.

Others get tangled in sentiments and take insurance on their children’s name or taking out policies from children’s names which is also a mistake. Whoever is the earning member in the family, the insurance policy has to be on their name. Instead of these policies, you can take a term plan and the rest can be invested in P.F., P.P.F, fixed deposits, mutual funds etc. with which you can see additional profits and these are undoubtfully wise investment options too. You can also fulfill your needs.

A few others are going for pensions policies of insurance companies. Even these are existing as less income providing options. Instead of this, you can invest in top equity diversified funds.

How many policies?

No one has the restriction as to how many policies they can have. However, based on their “economic value”, one can even have just one insurance policy. Or otherwise once in three to five years time, based on the salary hike, taking loan and upon other responsibilities you can increase the policy coverage amount.

Insurance is a shield to cover our family, financially. Investment is a tool to generate profits. When this basic difference comes to your understanding, you can take a term plan based on the requirements and the rest can be invested in various investments schemes and see excellent benefits.

Let us leave the one who has already taken so many insurance policies. Anyone who is entering into a insurance policy and wish to know genuinely how many insurance policies one can have, this article would be an eye-opener not to do the mistake of taking too many life insurance policies.


  1. Madhusudan Mishra says

    1. More than one life insurance policy from differenct company, can creates the problem to settelement after demise?

    2. Generally Various Accident policy have with one person for example when you opend bank account, when person get vehicle insurance , Some time mutual fund provides accident policy, Empolyer provides accident insurance policy to their employee, State Government provides accident policy under various scheme. If person died on accident , whether their family will get policy coverage amount from all policy?

    Simple answer of the above question helps the many people.

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