How to Become Fat Fast in 10 Days

As how there are many who want to lose weight and look trim, there are people who are desperate to gain weight and look beautiful as well. Putting on weight should be done carefully so that you can reduce your weight at anytime. Weight gain is a carefully handled process as that should not affect your body structure.

One has two choices to increase your weight

1.Increase the weight in the muscle structure properly to make the body fit. This option fits to those who have the necessity to increase the weight for personal or professional demands or reasons. For example, police, wrestler and so on.

2. Random increase in weight to become fat. This option or choice to increase weight is chosen by people who are underweight.

Here are the lists of food items that a person should eat to get fat in 10 days:

Weight Gain Tips Get Fat Fast in 10 Days

The basic step is to increase the intake of protein in your daily diet. Start practising a couple of simple warm-up exercises daily. Add up the intake of healthy fats and more calories. Protein, fat, carbohydrates, fibre contents, vitamins and minerals intake can only increase your weight. Instead of following your regular schedule of 2 to 3 meals a day, divide it into 5 small meals at frequent intervals every day. The diet always differs depending on the physical work done by you. However, this diet plan is different to both men and women.

If your aim is just to increase the weight but not bothered about the structure or looks, just have to eat and sleep adequately. However, this practice could lead to obesity due to unmatched weight.


Take 2-3 raw egg daily in the morning and boiled eggs in the afternoon. Daily intake of meat will add your weight in a greater extent.


Good intake of ghee, rice, and calorie-contained food will increase the weight in women. Potato chips, cheese items, boiled items, oil content foods, pizzas, and burgers will play a major role in increasing the weight in greater extent.

Important Tips for Men & Women:

First thing to do to gain weight is eating the right amount of food each day. Take about 20 times of your body weight in calories every day.

It is better to plan your meals daily as you know what and when to eat – and you don’t have to just go have it for the sake of filling your stomach.

Fat Fast in 10 Days

Keep checking your weight daily. Multiply your body weight into 20 and that is the amount of calorie that you must eat on a daily basis. So if you weigh 120 pounds and multiply it by 20, you’ll have to eat 2,400 calories everyday to gain weight fast.

The intake of calorie is not necessarily be exactly 20 times of your body weight but for optimum results it would be the best measurement to start with. If you can add additional calories if you aren’t finding any gain in your weight.

Next, pay attention to the type of food that you eat. You will end up just putting on weight instead of healthy muscles if you keep eating junk foods. In order to get muscle weight, eat healthy food, such as meat, carbohydrate rich food and healthy fat. Have an approximate calculation of this combination in your daily diet – carbohydrate 40%, protein 30%, and fat 30% this would be an ideal combination of healthy diet.

If your body needs to receive regular stream of nutrients, you need to change to frequent or smaller number of regular meals (for example 4 to 6 smaller meals) daily instead of big 3 meals as usual. This way it will be easier to build muscles weight.

Fat Fast in 10 Days

Diet is only part of the formula, though. Any good weight gain plan also includes a weight training program. Some of the most important exercises for building muscle are bench presses, squats and dead lifts. If you don’t have these 3 big exercises in your workout program you’re wasting your time!

In order to build muscle, you need to do 4-12 reps for each exercise. If you do more than 12, you’ll be gaining endurance, not larger muscles. If you do 2-4 reps, then you’ll improve your strength which will also help you lift heavier weights. This rep range is important and I actually include it in my workout program. But 6-12 reps is the “sweet spot” that will be greatly responsible for building muscle mass and giving you most of your weight gains.

Important rule to remember while focusing on gaining weight is to keep your workouts short. Plan your workout only for 60 minutes or less. Longer than 60 minutes, your body begins to release a powerful catabolic hormone called cortisol, which BREAKS DOWN muscle tissue! Needless to say this is the last thing you want.

Adhering to all these weight gain tips and following the methods will give you result to become fat fast and easy soon.




  1. Ranzic says

    Not bad i Think this will work thank you

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    m 16,,nd i hav to put on some weight,,in order to develope muscles can u help?

  3. Khushi says

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  4. yiben says

    how many hours do i need to sleep? is sleeping right after taking food okay? will it make me fat?
    please suggests…

    • Indianist says

      Deciding about “hours of sleep” depends on your age. However, to put it in general theory, it is always good to have 8 hours of sleep compulsory but it can be at least up to 6 hours if you are an adult and do not indulge in too much of daily physical activities. Avoid sleeping “immediately” after food. It could make you fat but do not practice unhealthy ways of becoming fat which will lead you to other complications related to “fat”.

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  8. ujjal kar says

    it is heriditical. simple water make fat

  9. Dr.Rajesh says

    Eat foods with more nutrients content, take more chappathi’s and less rice. Eat lot in lunch and breakfast (Egg, Fruit Juices). Avoid citrus juices, soups just before food. Have them 1hr before, as it will increase your appetite and will make you feel more hungry. Sleep after lunch for atleast 30mins-1hr, will make you become fat in short time. Do not sleep or climb stairs or walk after having dinner, leads to cardio problems. Avoid much use of salt. Take lots sweet. Avoid stress in mind and heart. More intimate relations will also increase immune strength

    • Indianist says

      Thank you for the additional tips Dr. Rajesh..

  10. divyapriya says

    gud tips definetly it will work………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. kavitha says

    if it is hereditary, how can i choose my diet and workout? minimum hours of sleep in night?

    • Indianist says

      Even if it is hereditary, you can still put weight to some extent. Because, being understood that it is all hormonal impacts and effects, you can play your role on it. However, don’t choose to sleep less hours that will spoil your system. A healthy weight plan is always recommended. Follow the given tips and exercise regularly but not too much of gym works. Do all basic exercises to keep you fit and consume more than enough. If you need detailed regimen, do ask me.

  12. Raj says

    I am 22 year’s old boy and i am so thin my height is 5 fit 6 inc.and weight is 49 kg. i want to increase my fat how can i do it. i have done exercise, taken some extraordinary food but nothing happen.

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    i am so height is 5 fit 7 inch.but my weight is 60 kg which is 10 kg lower than needed.people make fun when they see my thin body.i went to a doctor.he told my body structure is not suitable to make me fat.but i do not think so.please give me advice…

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    • Jude says

      Dude ve Boiled vegtables n jus shallow fry it with butter and works out within 1 month

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    Lol!!!!!!it really works but intake of raw eggs puke out

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    Yes! Finally someone writes about gain muscle fast.

    • Indianist says

      Thanks and hope the tips given here are useful to you. Many have experienced positive results. Thanks..

  24. Val colaco says

    hello doctor!
    I m 22yr’s old and m 63kgs!
    I hv a very thin body structure, and i want to build upon it, as m a football player i need that body shape..

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