How to become fat – Methods,Techniques & Benefits

In a time where most of us are exercising vigorously to burn out those extra fats; many are busy accumulating them. When most of the people are running away from calories and switching to low fat diets to fit in their favorite dresses or to qualify the “Slim Club”; there is a bunch of few who love feeding themselves on calories and high fat foods.

These are the ones who are in pursuit of adding those extra pounds. They are the ones who are balancing the equation. They are nobody but the people who are trying to become fat. You shouldn’t be that shocked after reading the last statement as it is no longer a matter of shame if you are fat. Recent studies have come up with shocking realities that has encouraged many to put on those extra pounds.

How to become fat?

It is easier said than done!


Many are under the notion that it is hard to lose weight than to gain. But that is not what the reality is. It requires equal amount of efforts and same strict discipline for the one who is trying to gain weight. One needs to deal with many difficulties while choosing the right food; which will simply his/her road to become fat.


The basic idea behind how to gain weight is simple; just consume more than your body’s requirement. The journey beings with a keen observation and analyzing the ongoing schedule and making a note of:

  • What is the number of calories that you are consuming on a daily basis?
  • What kind of a food and in what quantity are you consuming?
  • What is your daily routine?


Once you are done jotting down these important points, plan your weight gain program by setting the goals;

  • How much weight do you want to gain?
  • What all you will need to accomplish this goal of yours?
  • In how much time do you want to achieve this goal of yours?


As we are clear by now that we are required to consume more than what our body’s current requirements are therefore, we need to raise our food intake and we have to raise it considerably. By raising food intake we are not saying that one should only eat food which contains high fats. It is must to have a healthy diet in order to gain weight healthily; else we will land up ruining our health by solely depending on high fat food.


Methods and Techniques to gain weight


  • Take hefty food in your diet: Eating high-fat food may not help in long run as they are likely to harm our body. Gaining weight healthily and steadily is more important. Few examples of hefty food are;
    • Drinks – Compliment sodas with protein rich shakes and whole cream milk.
    • Breads – Consume whole wheat bread
    • Vegetables – Vegetables like potato, peas, carrots are good source of starch
    • Fruits – Banana, Apple, Pineapple should make their way to routine


  • Stay away from trans fats: Undoubtedly trans fats will quickly add to your belly fat, but at the same time they may result in increased insulin levels. If you wish to consume trans fats, do keep a check on quantity.


  • Switch to protein rich diet: While trying to gain weight it is must to have a diet full protein. Rich source of protein includes Tuna, Chicken, Peanuts, Soybean etc.


  • Weight training/exercises: By taking proper weight training one can stimulate appetite; which will add to weight gain program.


  • Increasing the calorie intake: It is required of individuals to increase their calorie intake while undergoing weight gain program. Ideally, one should be consuming 20 times more calories than their existing body weight.


Benefits of having those extra few pounds

Researchers have proven that having those extra few pounds not only adds to your personality but comes with a number of health benefits like


  • Glowing skin: People with higher level of BMI are tend to look younger and they are blessed with better glowing skin as compared to their skinny counterparts.


  • Increased fertility: Miscarriage is more prominent in women who suffer underweight problems. While slightly overweight women enjoys a healthy delivery.


  • Stronger bones: Studies show that problem of osteoporosis is less common among those who carry few pounds extra, as their bones are relatively stronger than their skinny friends.


  • Enjoys those few extra years: Even though people who are overweight are likely to run into serious medical problems but at the same time, underweight people are like die from the same problems. So that little extra fat can actually add years to your life.



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