How to Buy Gold in Installment?

Aditya Birla Financial Services introduces an unique and long-term profit yielding scheme for investors interested in Golden investments.

Fine Pure Gold Bar

Gold Bar

One cannot compare the investing advantages in gold to any other investments at the current situation given in this globalised economy. Two years before, that was during 2009 the Gold price was Rs. 9,000 and now by 2011 it has come up to Rs. 22,000 and the future price is left to your imagination. It seems that we have just getting out of recession and even during the recession period that the world has faced in international bullion market, gold was providing profits to the investors and hence, now most of the investors are concentrating to spend their money on gold for investments. None of the other investment options could yield such a huge income in a short span of just two years. Irrespective of the business size, even small investors are now interested to invest in gold. Gold ETF is one of the convenient way to invest in the form of gold units in stock markets than investing in large amounts. A lot of companies have began Gold ETF schemes and with unique products it is possible to attract the investors.

Gold Harvest scheme from Aditya Birla Financial Services

How to Buy Gold in Installment

Aditya Birla Financial Services group has started Gold Harvest scheme with a target to attract the upper middle class investors who have their plan and interest to invest in gold. This investment scheme gives an opportunity to invest up to one kilogram of gold in a systematic way. This is a unique scheme naming itself as Systematic Accumulation Plan, which was started by Aditya Birla Group and through this scheme an investor can buy gold worth three lakh rupees in the beginning. Later they can buy the gold in 10 to 36 installments and they can accumulate up to one kilogram of gold in this scheme.

In this Gold Harvest scheme, investors will not require to spend huge amounts at once to buy gold. The Gold will be allotted to respective customers in DEMAT method. Based on the change in the value of gold, investors can enjoy the benefits accordingly.

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