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Learn how to do pedicure at home itself, as it is good to avoid doing pedicures from beauty parlour for one important reason. At the beauty parlor they use metal scrubber and metal items to beautify your nails. The problem is if you are a diabetic person, you need to be careful while using sharp metal items on your body for any reason to avoid any wound. There are complaints that some have done pedicure from outside and had small injuries due to the metal scrubber’s usage. Since, your foot bears the weight of your complete body, it could become critical to get rid of the wound if you are a diabetic patient. Here is how you can do pedicure at home:

Learn How to Do Pedicure at Home

How to Do Pedicure at Home

  • Mix up shampoo, crystal salt, one spoon of hydrogen peroxide-20 (this will be available in pharmacy) in the hot water and dip your leg inside and leave it for about 15 minutes. By doing this will split out the dirt from your foot and keep your leg soft as well. If you notice dirt in between your nails, wet a cotton piece with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide-20 and leave a drops of it where you see dirt in between the nails. All the dirt will foam out and come.
  • Remove and wipe the old polishes if any from your nail using nail polish remover. Now, cut and correct your nails. Do not cut your nails too close.
  • Remove the whatsoever left out dirt if any, gently using an orange stick (orange stick is made out of orange which will be very light and soft).
  • On the top side of your (foot) skin, apply “cuticle oil”.
  • Rub your foot gently with a little pressure using pumice stone or terracotta type stones for the dean skin to come out. This will reduce the existing cracks on your heel. If you are using any dry fruit sponge (available in herbal shops) instead of these stone, then be sure not to share it with anyone else at home.
  • Take a pinch of moisturizing cream and apply on the heels and massage the heels gently. You have done the pedicure safely at home now and your heels are free from dead cells, looking clean and beautiful. If you do it once in 10 days, your heels will look fresh always. Most importantly the blood flow will be stimulated in your foot by doing pedicure.
  • Persons who have diabetes should definitely not use any metal substance while doing pedicure. Further it is always safe to get your pedicure done from a well-trained person in pedicure than walking in to any parlour because, it is not just a beautifying process but also it is a kind of treatment for your heels.
  • Since the process is easy and doesn’t involve too much of complicated procedures, it is always better to learn properly how to do pedicure at home and do it all by yourself without any trouble.

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