How to Learn Car Driving – Learning Process

People have gone to the heights of learning to fly on a plane but still it is important to know the importance of driving through roadways. This modern and busy day keeps you busy with schedules which you cannot accomplish unless you know to operate through roadways and that too driving your own bike.

Men are usually making it mandatory to learn driving even before the age of 18 (age necessary to apply for a driving license in India). But women should make it a point that they learn driving too equally to compete with today’s situation. It is not a difficult task.

 Learn Car Driving  Learning Process

Learn how to drive a car easily, understanding steps here:

1. First step before learning to drive a car is the person should have completed 18 years of age which is the minimum age to apply for a learners license (LLR). However to practice driving, age is not so important but the person needs to know the basic traffic rules so that he’ll not create difficulty to the public during his or her practice times.

2. Once you are sure about your age, one must learn about the pedal system in operating a car which is in the order of “clutch”, “brake”, and “accelerator” (from left to right) below the driver seat operated by your legs.

3. If you want to become a good driver, be sure that you use your left leg only for “clutch” and you can use your right leg for both “brake” and “accelerator” alternatively.

 Learn Car Driving  Learning Process

4. Don’t worry as the gear shift and the gear mechanism will be the same in all cars, for now. The gear stick is on the left side to the driver operated by your hand.

5. Now, whenever you are operating or changing the gear you must be sure that you are pressing the “clutch” before you shift or change the gear.

6. How to move the gear stick: First gear will be on the left top corner, second will be on the left bottom corner right below the first gear. Third will be on the middle top. Fourth is below and fifth & reverse gears will be on the right top and bottom corner respectively.

7. Finally, keep the gear stick knob in the center, where you’ll feel that the gear knob will be free to move is the “neutral” point.

 Learn Car Driving  Learning Process

The above are all for basic understandings if you are new to learn driving. However, one needs to learn driving by joining in a driving class and get a learning license through and proper driving school. A person can learn to drive properly within 30 days if you are involved and has interest in driving. Other than concentration and calculation of the car’s total area one must have frequent practice to become a good driver. While driving a car pay attention to the drive even if you are talking with persons inside the car.

If you have passion and personal interest in driving, driving can be a pleasure and hobby too.

 Learn Car Driving  Learning Process