How to make Ice Cream at home Instantly

Yuuummmm….ya, here is the  recipe foe delicious dessert. This is really very simple, even kid can try this..!!

Eagle brand milk ice cream


Vanilla or any other Flavoured essence 1.5 tea spoon
Cornflour/ corn starch (Dried) 1.5 table spoon
Milk 3 1/2 cups
Sugar (This can be taken as low as 3 tablespoons) 5 tablespoons
Fresh cream 3/4 cup

Homemade ice cream

How to Make Ice Cream Instantly:

Mix the cornflour in quarter cup of milk. Than Boil the remaining milk in a non-stick bowl. Add sugar and the cornflour mixture and simmer for 5 minutes. Set aside to get it cool. Add fresh cream and vanilla essence and mix well. Pour it in a shallow container. Cover and freeze till almost 60 minutes. Divide the mixture into two portions and blend each portion separately in a blender till its get smoothen. Transfer each of the two portions into the shallow container. Cover and freeze for 6 hours. Scoop and and its ready to serve…!!!!

Ice Cream at home