How to Reduce Tummy Fat Naturally | At Home Exercises

Attaining a proper figure to your body lies in having a flat and trim stomach. It is the desire of both men and women to have a flat stomach without any belly fat that shows up huge in size. If you have the right knowledge and desire to achieve a flat stomach the results are very much possible. Why is it very much possible to achieve the results naturally is because, the natural structure of our body isn’t meant to be with huge tummy. With the below instructions, you’ll gain the knowledge and insights on how to reduce the tummy size using easier methods that can be done at your home itself. If you can follow these regular practices at home – you can visibly see the results and can have a trimmed stomach with no belly fat.

How to Reduce Tummy Fat Fast?

Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Fast from Home

As said earlier, to achieve the actual result, you need to have the right knowledge and right practice. So, it is important to know how we tend to get these unwanted or not-desired belly fat around our tummy region especially.

What is the Cause for Getting Bulgy Tummy?

Fat is not an enemy to human being if it is maintained at a proper level for the body’s regular need. Our body contains “fat cells” that has been distributed across our system which stores lipids or fats in it. These fat storage are used by our body whenever there is insufficient presence of calories in our body. Moreover, these fat cells form a cushioning or padding around the internal organs and acts as an insulator.

Apart from surrounding the internal organs, the fat cells are also accumulated around certain regions/parts of our body in the form of adipose tissues. In women these adipose tissues with fat cells are surrounded on thighs, buttocks, hips and breasts. In men these fat cells are collected near belly region and chest. This is the reason why men have belly flab and women are with bulky hip size. However, in women after menopause, fat cells get accumulated around the belly region causing belly flab.

Crunch step

Why men have harder time to reduce their belly than women is because, before menopause, for young women the fat deposition is around their hip and the fat concentration is less around the belly. Whereas in men the fat deposition is high around their belly region. This is the reason why men finds harder to get their tummy flat than women.

5 Successful Exercises to do at Home & Reduce your Tummy Fast

  • Cardio Exercises: Cardio exercises like running, skipping, dancing, walking fast are all good for your heart. Any activity that keeps your heart-rate high is good to perform systematically. However, be sure to choose something that challenges you too. Do any of these cardio exercises at least 4 to 5 times a week. Additionally, the results would be productive if it can be done early in the morning but other times are fine too.
  • Push-Ups:

Side Plank

  • Push-ups are one of the best exercises that one must not fail to do when you are really concerned about staying fit. A careful information – when you are here to reduce your belly fat – it is not that all the exercises are directly concentrated to your stomach. Push-ups strengthens your core muscle and when its being done, almost every muscle-group from neck to toes are engaged and gets benefited. Your tummy is pushed inwards and benefits to trim your tummy.
  • Crunches: Doing crunches with consecutive repetitions will directly benefit your tummy in trimming it. Do at least 25 repetitions. How to do it? Lie down flat on the floor with your legs extended straight. Now, bring your hands and support your neck (and head) with hands under and lift your upper extremity (getting up) without lifting your legs or folding your knees. Exhale as you get up and try to touch your knees by your nose (or face). Do at least 10 to 20 repetitions. Doing this not only helps you to burnout the fats but helps efficiently to trim and tone your tummy.
  • Alternative Toe-Touching:

Exercise ball

  • Stand up straight and extend your legs apart. Now, extend your hands up straight leveling to your shoulders parallel to the ground. Bend down (without bending your knees) and touch your left-leg toe by your right hand and touch your right-leg toe by your left hand. Do it as fast as you can nonstop at least 50 times or as much as you can. This exercise burns your hip muscle fat and one of the important exercise to build your “shape”.
  • Sit-Ups: This might sound simple, but is very effective when done along with the above other exercises. The sit-ups can be done either extending your hands straight forward or supporting your hips by placing your hands on your hip. This exercise directly strengthens your thigh muscles and leg. It helps to strengthen your internal parts of your stomach that helps greatly in reducing your tummy.

Follow the above exercises at home on a daily basis without skipping any of the sequences given. The right practice will give you desired result over a period of time. How to reduce your tummy fat naturally all depends on the effort you take and right knowledge you have. In addition to the above physical exercises, it is more important to keep your mind stress-free. Deep worries and stress can lead to irregular and inappropriate hormonal changes which leads to fat accumulation. Be sure about your diets too.