How to Remove Sun Tan

We as a world have come a long way and in the way/process we have lost a lot. We may not identity the lost amenities as of now but it is going to affect us in the long run. People from around the world can be spotted blaming the sun for the increasing heat and for the increasing greenhouse effects but we are the real culprits and all of needs to be blamed for the same.

 Remove the sun tan

Sun Tan is the worst enemy

Sun tan and dulling of skin because of pollution is the common issue of the contemporary world. Living in a world where faces are known to take from nowhere to everywhere, it is important to ensure that they are always shinning and are at their best.

People are now considering medical procedures for the removal of skin tan, which is going to cost a lot and may have some serious side effects. It is important that people are trying a lot of home made remedies before heading for the medical procedures. Some of the common home made remedies known to remove skin tan effectively are listed here:

Sun tan is the worst enemy

 Lemons: Lemons are known to have bleaching properties and they are known to be really very effective on the human skin. Ways of applying:


  • You can directly apply lemon on your skin and aim for the removal of the skin tan if the tan is fresh and innocuous.


  • For extreme cases of skin tan, it is always advised to mix lemon with rose water and then rub on skin. You will see some amazing results popping up.


Bengal Gram Flour:Commonly known as Besan in Indian household, it is an amazing spice. You can crush it, add some water to it and apply it on the skin for the removal of all the basic tan. The increasing shine on your face is going to be incomparable.

 Bengal Gram

Cucumber and Rose water: Cucumber and rose water mixed together will form a thick paste. You can apply it on your face directly with the help of brush. Let it be there for some time, it is going to removal all the tan from the depth of the skin and will leverage you with a fresh, glowing skin.

 Cucumber and rose water

Papaya and Honey Face pack:Papaya and Honey mixed together will form a thick paste and this paste is known to be highly effective than any of those tan removers present in the contemporary market. It is going to work really effectively on your skin and will remove all the dirt and the dead cells. The new fresh skin is going to help you in acquire the best of attraction at the workplace.

Skin tans are innocuous and you need not to spend a lot of money on these things. You will have to take requisite steps and try to prevent it instead of going for the curing measures.

Follow all the listed steps regularly and you are going to acquire the best of healthy and shiny skin.

Papaya and honey face pack

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