How to Study for Test?

How to study for test is a million dollar question among the students. Students panic when they are about to face tests continuously within a week. But there is no need to fear if one knows to manage their brain. There is a famous saying about the brain “use it or lose it”. Most of the students think that if they use their brain overtime they might forget things. But the fact is that if one uses their brain in a large amount will have large capacity. We need to train our brain. Never underestimate your brain’s capacity. Our knowledge and capacity will differ among others based on how we utilize our brain. So here are a few tips to improve your memory

How to Study for Test Effectively

How to study for test?

  • Try to associate: When you are trying to remember anything, try to associate it with something you are familiar with. By doing this will help you to remember the things easily
  • Visualize what you want to learn: If you can visualize the thing which you want to learn will make it easier to recall whenever you want. Because it is a proven fact that picture form of any item will attract our brain fast.
  • Sing what you try to remember: If you sing what you are trying to remember will make it an easier one to recall in the future.
  • Associate with something unforgettable: Everyone has something that is unforgettable and that may be a pleasant one or a fearful one. But associating with those will make it easy for you to remember the things easily
  • Teach it: It is a best thing when you teach others. In case if no one is ready to listen to you, try to teach to your dog as it won’t complain. The reason why you should teach is that speaking aloud will help you to remember the things easily and you will not forget it easily.
  • All the above points are the tips about improving your memorization. Ok, now you know how to manage your memory and you may ask about preparing for your tests easily. Here are a few tips for how to study for a test


    This is the first step of your preparing list. If you want to avoid last minute rush, then it is a must that you take notes in your class. Note down all the important points your teacher teaches in the class and in case if you miss out any class never forget to ask your teacher to teach you the topics you missed out. Because keeping the notes is a must when you prepare for your exams. You cannot study paragraph and paragraph before the night of your exam and in case if you have the notes you big burden will vanish. Hence notes play a very important role in your preparation process. Also when you are taking notes regularly never forget to mention the date and page number. Go through your notes daily and if you have any doubt, get the clarified in your next class. Review your notes regularly and try to recall it just to check yourself. Also, after every class gets over check your notes with your friend’s just to make sure you don’t miss anything.


    Find a place where you will not get distracted easily as distraction will spoil all your efforts. Hence a quiet and calm place is important when you want to prepare at your best. Never choose your bed to study as you will want to lie down and will start to snooze. Hence choose a place which has a pleasant situation, good lighting and a little or no distractions. Don’t go for a detailed learning; instead try to learn the concepts first. Once you master the concepts, go in deep.


    Never try to study at a stretch instead take frequent rests. Whatever you study will reside in your short-term memory. So, it is a must that you recall what you have learned at regular intervals. Recalling at regular intervals will keep the concepts in the long-term memory and will not be forgotten soon. Don’t extend your study hours. Never cut your sleeping hours while you study and doing like this will only lead to bad impacts and will not have anything good for you.


    Take a regular piece of paper and fold it vertically such that it cuts the paper into half. Put your questions on the left side of the paper or any one of the side so that the other side contains the answer. Look at the questions and try to answer it without seeing the answer on the other side. If you can’t answer it soon never try to look out for the answers soon. Try to recall it for some time and if it is impossible then look at the answer. By doing this repeatedly will help you to remember the things easily.

    Find a serious study partner:

    If you want to study in a group or with someone then make sure, your partner is serious about studying. In case if your partner is funny and keeps distracting you, the result will be negative. Therefore finding the right partner is a must if you want to study in a group.

    Important tips:

  • Relax for 5 minutes after every 45-55 minutes of studying
  • Keep your mind unruffled or quite while studying
  • Don’t start to study right after your meal and take at least 30-90 minutes gap
  • Have a good sleep before the night of your examination
  • While going for the test, don’t carry loads and loads of books instead carry just the notes
  • Don’t study any new topics by sitting at the entrance of your exam hall
  • Listen to a melody music or any other thing which will keep your mind relaxed while going for your exam
  • If you follow all the above, you will not keep wondering how to study for test. Also, don’t get panic once you receive your question sheet. Just put down the question paper for few seconds, relax yourself and then take a look at the questions. If you look at the question under pressure, your mind will be blank leaving you in trouble. So always be calm inside the exam hall.


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