How to Write a Resume For a Job?

Creating a resume is a skill which needs practice and better understanding about your determination. Be 100% sure that spending another couple of minutes to learn how to make a resume will bring a “determined” job that you wish, without any doubt. Before even preparing for a job search it is better to spend some quality time in learning how to write a resume. Every perfect resume is exactly an individual’s reflection based on which your job or employment opportunity is decided.

How to write a Resume For a Job

The first step of writing a resume is to keep all your documents, certificates and list of information that is needed. Keeping them all at your reach, now keep in mind or recall your career plans. A resume should be a targeted resume instead of making it in general without having the purpose in mind.

Now, before proceeding to write your resume – decide which format of resume are you prepared to choose.  Reverse Chronological Format resume is good for traditional and conservative industries like academic or law. This type of resume is also recommended if your intention is to stay in the same type of profession which you were earlier in.

For fresher and new graduates the Functional Format Resume would fit perfect and also for those who likes to make a come-back to certain industry. Anyways, a combination of both the formats would be necessary for those who is shifting their career and who posses diversified career backgrounds.

Keep in mind that there are certain set of standard information should be presented in both the format resumes which give a positive response.

Important Points to be followed while creating a resume:

When you are clear with above points choose only the profession or job that fits your qualification and personality which will help you to build a perfect and targeted resume to hit the purpose.

Learn what the company is looking for and match the qualities you have to make yourself the best candidate for that particular position.

Once you have compiled all the above points in mind start to write your resume with “Objective Section”. Never do the mistake of copying the objective from somewhere but the Objective should be based on your career plan and what the company seeks. Show the clarity in this section by providing exact information what the company needs from you.

In some cases if you pose significant accomplishments to the relevant position – a separate “Summary Section” could be required. This section should be brief in a separate paragraph by answering the company as why they should choose you for the mentioned position. In these instances make the “Summary Section” next to the Objective Section.

The next section should be “Experience Section” where you need to write your title followed by the company name or in reverse. However, make it consistent whichever you feel is remarkable. List all your experiences in reverse chronological order by including all your work-related experiences. Do include your internships / voluntary works and services. Here, write the dates after each work experience that you mention and do not include months. Include the months only if the experience is less than a year.

Educational Details Section” should follow next where you write all your educational details the same way as you did in work experience section. Unless you are a fresh graduate, do not include small courses or certifications in this section. Do include major courses and awards if any. If you are waiting for your results mention the exact date or period when you will complete your graduation.

After the educational section include affiliations and organizations – only if they are recent and relevant to the position and the company that you are applying for.

Here comes your “Personal Section” after the above where you add your personal background and or interests. Do add your personal interests only if feel that it is relevant. This section is important too as it can show your versatility if presented properly. Make sure that you write only those that are appropriate to the job and useful to the company.

The last one is “Reference Section” but do not mention the names and addresses of the reference here. The best practice is to make it in a separate sheet and produce when if asked. Its better if you write, “Reference available upon request” under the reference section.

Knowing how to write a resume is as important as you desire to have a job. This is the only tool and key opportunity that is in your hands to reflect exclusively who you are. Your might have multiple talents those are useful to the company but where do you get the chance to express these? Resume is your playground with the above rules to be played safe. A quality and targeted resume will get you the job of your desire if a quality time is spent on understandings of creating a resume.


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