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Internet TV Software allows you to watch TV on your computer or laptop without any cable or DTH connections. This comforts your mobility wherever you go across the globe and all that you need is to have an internet connection. Cost-wise this is the cheapest method to watch TV without having to pay any monthly cable charge or dish TV coupon recharges.

In a technologically emerging world where everything goes online and simple this technology keeps you connected to your favorite satellite televisions all the time you need from anywhere right on your lap. One such famous software is Satellite Direct which is the future of television.

Today’s world, majority of the population wants to sit back and relax wherever they can at their convenience. At the same time you don’t have to get disconnected from the world happenings.

Just imagine if thousands of television channels with all your sporting events plus all international TV programs can be watched without paying any monthly television bill again and again?

The best part is that this software needs no additional equipments to set up as you fix dish on top of your house or office. This TV to PC Software gives you unrestricted access without any monthly bills or subscriptions.

Get Channels from all the Countries Around the World! Yes, from India too.

Just a few benefits of choosing Satellite Direct instead of cable or dish:

•             24/7 unlimited access to over 3,500 channels

•             No hardware to install

•             No bandwidth limits

•             No subscription or installation fees – EVER

•             Automatic channel updates

•             Connect the PC to your Television

Once you download this Internet TV Software and install it on your computer then you are free to watch over 3,500 channels from anywhere around this world at your convenience from your laptop or from your home PC. You will not have the headache of installing any equipment like dish or waiting for the cable person to connect your network.

Just 3 steps to bring your television network on your computer

  1. Register – Answer a few simple questions, and the easy registration system will process your ONE TIME payment. That’s right, no more monthly cable bills or dish recharge- ever.
  2. Download – Follow the easy, on screen instructions to download the software. No hardware to install, no equipment to buy absolutely.
  3. Watch and Enjoy – Relax, sit back and enjoy thousands of television channels, from soaps and sports to movies and dramas, any time, day or night.

With crystal clear picture and sound quality, exceptional customer service, and a lifetime of television for less than you would pay for just one month of cable service, Satellite Direct is the best way to get the most for your spending on TV.

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Now Also Available on Mac

Microsoft Windows 98 (all versions), Microsoft Windows 98SE (all versions), Microsoft Windows Millennium (all versions), Microsoft Windows 2000 (all versions), Microsoft Windows XP (all versions), Microsoft Windows Vista (all versions)

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