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There are numerous sorts of rumors in the market about the upcoming devise- I phone 6, which are given a fairly wide berth. Multiple reports from varied sources are speaking of this much awaited device from Apple, and so, we are also giving it some credibility in this article. As per the news, Apple is definitely testing a lot of new features, but what it unleashes in the iphone 6, is still uncertain.

The greater parts of iPhone- 6 chit chat are laying their focus on the screen size of this phone, which is, as per the rumors, predicted to enlarge. In the earlier launched device of Apple, iPhone 5, the display screen size increased from 3.5 inches to 4 inches, and the screen could grow further in this next generation of iPhone.

A range of rumors are floating about the display size of the iPhone 6, with the reports estimating it to fall in between the range of 4.7 to 5.7 inches, but the exact size for this device is quite anonymous. However, this is quite news that Apple is testing an array of prototypes.

The next big thing about the iphone 6 is its display technologies that the device will incorporate. The current available generations of iPhones are using Low Temperature Poly Silicon (LTPS) technology, and it is expected that Apple will continue this expertise for the upcoming iPhone-6.Regarding the display, it is rumored that the company is replacing its so far successful, extensively durable and damage resistant Corning Gorilla Glass with the sapphire crystal for display screens of its future device.

Initially, there was a word in the market about Apple introducing its new generation of iphone with a curved display, but these are recently replaced with the newer information of iphone 6 having the flat screen display screen like that of previously introduced iphone 6, but with an edge to edge and a bezel-free design.

The up-gradation is also expected in the device’s camera, which is anticipated to be advance to power of 10 megapixels and an aperture of f/1.8 shooter; which is facilitated with inter-changeable lenses. This will enable the user to take clearer images. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) may be incorporated in the device, a sure –shot way to enhance the camera in the iPhone. Optical Image Stabilization is a mechanism that uses motion-tracking as a recompense for device shakiness, thus allowing to capture sharper photos and videos. It is still unsure if this technology is induced in the iPhone 6, but there are prospects.

It is likely that Apply will continue the feature of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that was first brought into being in iPhone 5s.There is also a possibility that some other sensors may also find their way in to the iPhone 6 to face the raising competition with some smart phones from emergent companies like Samsung. It is also indicated by an analyst that the iPhone 6 could add a number of atmospheric sensors like that of pressure, temperature, and humidity sensor.

Though uncertain with the features it will bring, iPhone6 is the most awaited device, for which users are looking forward.


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