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In today’s trend, if you want to be with hand full of money and prosperous life forward, planning, execution of the plan, monitoring and correcting your plans and all such finance management process becomes must. Learn here on how to download, install and manage the financial management apps for your mobile.

Finance Management App | Android

Financial Management Apps

Most of us are using the mobile only to talk, chat and listen to songs and related entertainment stuff. Using the mobile with only such limited features we are restricting ourselves in circle. Few have developed them in the usage of mobile for other such activities such as using it for Facebook and social networking purposes, to play games, entertainment updates, etc.

However, cellphone has got a lot more to be done with it. Very particularly, with the given situation like dealing with family, individual, business, office, etc. the mobile phone helps in maintaining your financial income and expenditure related records to deal with it easily and conveniently. To do all these, a Smartphone of a price range starting with Rs. 4000 (US$ 80) is enough. You don’t even have to look out for 2G or 3G facilities in it. Just an internet connection will do things. You may need to spend a very little additional amount for the internet package. With these minimum features, if you download free apps available on Internet on your mobile it will help you eliminating the burden of paper and pen facilitating you to maintain the financial management task starting from your daily expenses to your share market and mutual fund investments details included every detail can be stored in your mobile within minutes.

To do this task you don’t have to allocate separate time for it. During your travelling time or during your rest-time intervals, you can easily manage and maintain all your fund managements.

Mobile phone apps for finance management like – Financisto, Home Budget, Professional Money, Budget Calculator, Daily Money, Easy Money and more of related android applications do available making it simpler and easier to create and maintain home budget and office finance managements easily. You can categorize like food, costumes, travel, education, entertainment etc in detail using these apps. Additionally, you can also keep an alert to intimate you whenever your expenditure reaches 50% or 75% of your budget.

Individualizing it further is also possible like – reminding your bill payments, cheque related alerts, credit card managements, investments, savings, EMI alerts etc also can be done using these applications. If you want to keyin all these details on a computer one need to have proper computer knowledge and necessary software and capability in working with the software. But using these apps on the mobile doesn’t require all such knowledge to maintain it. It is almost like how you would enter into a video game just looking into the instructions for playing – using these applications is that simple.

Have you prepared to download one of such finance management app on your mobile? It is good to confirm the internet connection availability and memory card presence on your mobile. Choose the best internet service provider in your area and go for that. These fund management apps will approximately occupy 1 or 2 MB space on your mobile. Maximum of 500MB memory space on your memory card is enough.

How to Download Financial Management Apps on your Mobile?

Widely available free android applications can be downloaded from Google Playstore itself. There are 1000s of apps available in the Android market from which one to your interest can be downloaded and start using it for your benefit.

For example, as you install “AndroMoney” app on your mobile, you can go to the settings and change the preferences as per your need and convenience. Especially, don’t forget to change the “Currency” to your local one. It is RS. for India. Apart from these basic settings, other features also available like keeping a image for the respective column etc. If the mutual fund SIP is allocated for your daughter’s marriage, add a photo of your daughter to the title these are all extra boosts.

It will be all new experience to use these applications on your mobile. Fund monitoring is also available to monitor your budget plans and execution. The results can be accessed both in statistical points, pie and bar diagrams too. These are all not just fancy fixes but your mistakes and corrections will be strongly based on these varying choices that you are looking into making you stronger in managing your finance. You can also backup your results including mailing it to your computer in excel and other formats for your computer usage.

For your security, password protection is also available on these applications keeping it safe and secure from other users. Initially, you can download a few good apps, install them and see it for a month for it usage convenience. Later you can decide one that is good for you and can go ahead with that uninstalling the rests from your mobile phone. Review the app properly before downloading it by reading comments and genuine reviews from the users on the site. This will allow you to decide a better application.

Most of these apps will update its higher version automatically which will enhance the apps functionality better. Its good to avoid the apps which gives importance to advertisements. The same applications can be accessed from the paid version having more internal features.

Now, whether it is your individual expenses, family expenditure management, business related income and expenses can be planned, reminded and categorized using free mobile finance management apps on your mobile phones. Make better and wise use of these financial management apps to enhance your wealth management successfully and conveniently.

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