Natural Home Remedies to Regrow Lost Hair Fast

Most people have NO Idea to regrow hair naturally and quickly here are some natural remedies to regrow lost hair.

Best Home Natural Remedies for Hair Regrowth

  • To promote hair growth and health Stop washing your hair every day Washing your hair strips take away its natural oils and can cause brittleness and breaking, making it difficult to regrow hair, even if a conditioner is used in conjunction with shampoo.
  • Many natural remedies using food and herbs can be ideal for hair-loss sufferers. Slice a red onion in half, and rub it on your balding areas. It may burn some, but it is stimulating the hair follicles. Do this for a couple of minutes and then apply equal parts lemon juice and honey. Massage your scalp in a circular motion for at least five minutes to stimulate your hair follicles. Leave this mixture on for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water. The cold water gives additional stimulation.
  • Just use your fingertips to massage the area of your scalp where your hair is thinning for about 10 minutes. Or use a small , hand-held electric massager with a scalp attachment.” but it really works because an extra boost of oxygen-rich blood to your hair follicles daily, will stimulate dormant hair follicles to begin growing hair.
  • Shampoos, conditioners Or using styling products will clog your scalp’s pores adding to a build-up of sebum on your scalp. Sebum is a build-up of residue on your scalp from shampoos, conditioners, styling products, dead skin cells, and bacteria. Unfortunately, this thick layer of sebum is actually contributing to your hair loss. So, the next step is to get rid of sebum. This can be done by applying olive oil to your scalp in the thinning areas and leaving it there overnight for 7 consecutive nights. Just be sure to shampoo your hair each morning with a mild, herbal biotin shampoo. And in just seven days your scalp will be completely clear of sebum.
  • An increase in water intake flushes out harmful bacteria and toxins via your urine. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Keeping your skin hydrated will stimulate the hair follicle and promote growth. This will also help eliminate dandruff and other dry scalp problems that can be detrimental to hair growth.
  • One of the very first steps to help you regrow hair naturally is to make sure you are getting enough blood flow to your hair follicle. Maintain iron levels in your blood. Take non-prescription iron supplements that you can find at a health food store. Your blood cells utilize iron to bring oxygen to your scalp, helping it regrow hair. You can also consume foods rich in iron, along with the iron supplements, including lentils and bran flakes. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables high in vitamins and minerals A, B6, folic acid, iron and zinc. These vitamins and minerals have been proven to promote healthier, fuller hair growth.
  • Add a high amount of protein to your diet. Your hair and hair follicles are mostly made of protein. When your body lacks protein, rapid hair loss can occur. Eat foods rich in protein such as tofu, beans, broccoli and wheat bread in order to hasten hair regrowth. Take vitamin B6 capsules. Vitamin B6 is known to maintain nails, skin and hair. The recommended dosage is 100mg to be taken once a day, preferably with meals.

To regrow your hair naturally – The challenge is using enough of the “right” herbs, vitamins and minerals for hair loss. To be effective, you must know what to take, when to take it and what else you should be taking and doing along with it… This is why people often mistakenly assume that natural remedies for hair loss aren’t effective. They try a little of this… and a little of that… but it may not be the right herbal formula, or the correct dosage to produce results.

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