One India Mobile App is Available in Google Play Store

The live news updating website “One India” has introduced its new mobile application. With this “One India App”, you can get the live news on your mobile to read without any interruption. This can be downloaded from Google Play and can install it in your android smartphone in your hand. Now the “One India” has come into your palm.

One India App on Google Play

This new One India app has been developed in a user-friendly way and is smart to use. Through this app all the news like political news, cricket, entertainment and other information can be accessed on to your android Smartphone easily.

Customizing options are available to give priority to your frequently read column or you can choose your most favorite category on top. Other than prioritizing the information, you can still search for other available information from One India website. Also, this app allows you to share the interesting information on your facebook page directly and obviously you can interact with comments on any particular topics.

The most interesting and exciting factor about this application is that you can read all these news items and information even when you are not connected with an internet connection. Though it is not too technical however, One India app has the saving option in itself which allows you to read the saved pages and information later or whenever you are interested to. That is – this can be used both online and offline.

Now, this “One India App” can be downloaded from “Google Play”. Install it in your mobile and keep your news and interests from the website updated on your mobile.

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