Puthiyathalaimurai TV for Android Mobile | Download Application

For the fans of Puthiyathalaimurai TV channel (a Tamil 2×7 News Channel), here is a happy news to access the live news on your Android mobile. Puthiyathalaimurai TV for Android mobile is available for download.

Puthiya thalaimurai tv

Every second the hot news will reach your pocket on your mobile. The application has been developed strong with technological advances to get it installed on your mobile without hassles. Further, the android application enables to receive flash news, political news, regional news (Tamilnadu), national news and other information handy.

Puthiyathalaimurai TV for Android Mobile

Download Puthiyathalaimurai TV for Android Mobile Application

Follow he below easy steps to get the application installed on your mobile phone.

Steps to Install

      1. Download the APK file from this link.


      2. Copy the downloaded file (puthiyathalaimurai.apk) into your memory card and insert back the SD card into your phone.

Puthiya Thalaimurai in mobile

      3. If the file has been downloaded directly from your mobile without removing the SD card from the mobile, quit step 2.


    4. Click the APK file on the mobile for installation. Once completed – enjoy watching the live channel on your android mobile.

Puthiyathalaimurai TV

Make sure about the data packets (Internet pack) enabled on your mobile. Since, it is live streaming there could be continuous access of internet. An unlimited internet pack would be better in case of regular viewing of the TV channel on your mobile. This puthiyathalaimurai TV for android mobile is only for Android mobiles and not for other mobiles that has different OS.

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