RE60 is the Ultra Low-Cost Minicar from Bajaj Auto

RE60 is going to be a milestone for Bajaj Auto Ltd. The company is launching its first-ever four wheeler in the Auto Expo 2012. Expecting to target commercial users and three-wheeler owners Bajaj Auto is involving Renault and Nissan in its production. The RE60 car is four-seater and this new baby for the Indian roads claims and promises on its low carbon emissions and fuel efficiency which the company has already told in detail much before its launch.

Bajaj RE60 Car

The look of the vehicle is almost like an enhanced size of a hatchback car with an elevated roof on top. This ultra low-cost minicar RE60 was developed in co-operation with the French motor company Renault SA and Japan’s Nissan Motor Company with India’s Bajaj Auto Ltd. The further teamwork and co-operation in RE60 will be known soon from these two international motor companies.

RE60 Driver Seat

In India, Bajaj Auto is the second largest manufacturer of two-wheelers and is the world’s largest three-wheeler manufacturer as we all know about auto-rickshaws used across the country and in the subcontinents mostly manufactured by Bajaj.

Green Color RE60

Though it will not be cheaper in price as TATA Nano but it would give a tough competition to Nano pulling back the Nano segment car lovers. However, the three-wheeler (auto-rickshaw) owners and three-wheeled vehicle liker will like it being RE60 is low-emission vehicle in four-wheeler segment.

RE60 with Open Doors

Available Specifications of the RE60

  • Length: 2752mm Long
  • Breadth: 1312mm Wide
  • Height: 1650mm Tall
  • Weight: 400kg
  • Seating Capacity: 2+2 or 3+1
  • Engine Capacity: 200cc and is rear-mounted
  • Fuel: RE60 is capable of running on petrol, compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas
  • Mileage: The mileage is estimated to be about 30plus kilometers per litre or consumes about 2.8 litres petrol per of 100km.
  • Emission: Emits 60g/km CO2
  • Top Speed: 70km/h

    Mileage is the advantage of RE60 however one would comfortably call it is four-wheeler instead of car as this new-breed aims majorly in replacing the three-wheeler market of its own brand of the segment.

    Speedometer and Dashboard

    RE60 can comfortably replace the auto-rickshaw market with its low emission of CO2 and better mileage is city roads competitive to car(s) close to its segment.

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    1. Dinesh Singh says

      .Best in all ways.After launch can shutdown the market of two wheelers in cities .Best for ladies and children for their short distances work.Most attractive feature is because day by day rush is increasing on roads it will be the most comfortable.Two HP engine is ideal for lite work Plz clear when it is going to be launch. Introduce electric driven cars also.

      Good wishes,

      Dinesh Singh

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