Self Sufficient India-Organic Farming

The back bone of Indian economy is agriculture and about 60% of our country is farmland. For any nation to establish its stability in economy and grow to become a super power, “Farmers and Farming first” should be the right motto. As a nation to avoid an economic collapse, farmers and farming should be empowered and supported with appropriate financial budget, human resources, and innovated and new featured equipments.


Farmer Ploughs

Despite India boasts of development, scientific advancements, and achieving self sufficiency in food grain production-malnourishment, farmer suicides, decrease in farm lands, loss of soil fertility with usage of pesticides and fertilizers, and health problems are the major concerns in food production. Here is a true story of an Indian farmer called Mr Vishwasrao who had land near a river. He worked hard on the land and it yielded good results for the first few years but later realized that growing crops is not only about irrigation as the outputs started declining. Mr.Vishwasrao was then advised to use fertilizers and chemicals were also the yields were high initially. Mr. Vishwasrao also realized that the over usage of chemicals and fertilizers and neglecting organic manures resulted in yield decline and .

Yield In the Field

Farmer Yield

Mr Vishwasrao woes finally ended when he understood the importance of organic farming which involved the usage of neem extracts (manure & pesticide) and animal waste. Not only the yields increased and also the investment for neem extracts and animal waste was much less than fertilizers and chemicals. Without agricultural improvement all technological processes is like mirage in the desert. As a farmer I am able to realize that many of us incur debt mainly because we buy fertilizers and pesticides which are expensive. If this dependence is reduced by using natural extracts such as neem-seeds and animal waste not only will it bring about a turnaround in farming but also make our country a self-sufficient nation.

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