Simple Home Exercises to Stay Fit


Chomp the stomach muscles helps to potency and tone the abdominal muscles and make them flexible. It is easier to do this exercise. For this you have to lie-down on flooring flat and see that you have no objects around you. Bring your hands on the back of your head to support and lift your head from the ground as you bend your body to stretch your stomach muscles using your body weight. Continue this as many times you can.


Reverse chomp is the reverse procedure of chomp. Here you have to stand straight and bend yourself forward so that your fingers touch the floor. See that you don’t bend your knees when you bend forward. This exercise helps to reduce fat and make both the hands and legs more flexible.


Sit as you stand is another exercise that helps you to keep yourself fit from your home. To do this exercise you need a chair as a support which helps you to balance yourself when you sit as you stand. In this exercise you have to bend your knees half as if you sit in a chair by holding the chair with your hands for support.


Pushup is one of the best home exercises to keep you fit at home. Rest yourself upside down flat on the floor so that your face faces the ground. Bring your hands forward and raise your body up with the help of your hands placing on the ground. Repeat these pushups several times to get better results.

Maintain Fitness at Home


This is one of the regular and simple school exercises that are known to burn fat. To start this exercise you have to stand straight by keeping your feet together. Start to jump as your feet land apart to sides wider than the shoulders. Return to normal standing position repeat this to twenty five times to burn your fat sooner.


Jogging is considered one of the traditional exercise that helps you reduce your weight. Initially start to jog slowly, gradually increase your speed according to the timing. Jogging helps to reduce your weight and maintain to them.