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Here is the best and Easy way to SMS your contacts through internet using Full On SMS website which offers, instant speedy and prompt delivery.
Free Way to SMS - Full on SMS in India

Just sign up here on one time to send unlimited free text messages to any of your contacts from any service provider in India. Send unlimited FREE SMS from the text box using Full 160 characters that is provided. Experience better and prompt delivery of your messages less than seconds and need not to worry about group SMS. Once your login using your username (the mobile number) and password, you can create unlimited groups like in your handset to send SMS in one go to all your contacts.

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The benefit of using an online system of sending text messages is that you can avail the benefits and sophistication of using the web browser system to connect your friends using group SMS even if your mobile doesn’t provide your with such support.

The other important benefit is that you need not to worry when your SIM card is full, to SMS further you need not to empty it deleting important messages which might be needed until you make a backup.

Backup your favourite SMS from your phone to your Full On SMS account which you can use it when required which doesn’t compel the mobile user to delete the much loved and lovable texts sent to your mobile.

You are right, there are limitations and not-so-easy facts about online messaging systems such as limited characters that the messaging website allows you to type and send. Further, you might not be counting the text to SMS your friend with limited words.

Considering the fact and few best way to SMS, it is always good to use free messaging websites like Full On SMS to send free text messages to reach your friends within anywhere in India.