The many benefits of using Ginger in your food every day

Ginger is an ancient medicine and food ingredient we all know for its advantages. Known for its bitter, sour taste, kids typically tend to stay away from it without realizing the great benefits it offers for their health.

Adding Ginger to food or Ginger powder to curry masala and adding it to food not just makes it delicious but also makes it quite healthy.

ginger health benefits

Ginger is loaded with bioactive components and consists of Gingerol, which has been used by Indians since times unknown as an alternative medicine.

Ginger powder, Ginger Oil and Ginger Paste along with Onions and Garlic is usually added to food items and quite preferred for the taste it brings to table.

Some common yet rare health benefits offered by Ginger are as follows:

  1. It cures common colds, nausea, vomitting and controls cholesterol levels in the body.
  2. It helps in weight reduction by breaking the fat and controls the blood flow by thinning it.
  3. Ginger is anti-cancerous and prevents one from developing the deadly disease.
  4. Ginger adds excellent taste to food and when combined with Onions and Garlic, the health benefits are manifold.
  5. Ginger reduces muscle pain and soreness by its anti-inflammatory qualities.
  6. Consuming Ginger helps in curing Osteo-arthritis and strengthening the bones.
  7. Adding Ginger to food improves heart performance and lowers blood sugar levels drastically.
  8. Eating Ginger raw or adding Ginger oil to food improves digestion and improves liver efficiency.
  9. Women can face menstrual pain much easily by consuming Ginger every day. It has the ability to gradually reduce fats in the body, improve blood circulation and improve digestion of rigid Calcium that causes pain.
  10. Ginger accelerates the generation of good cholesterol and reduction of bad cholesterol.
  11. Eating Ginger every day improves immunity against diseases and infections quite a bit.
  12. Adding Ginger to food improves efficiency of the brain and reduces risks of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases respectively.

One of the best medicines in today’s busy world, Ginger has no substitute against it. Especially in the ancient Indian traditions, Ginger has been used widely in masalas, spicy food items and even juices to enhance the benefits it lends to one’s health.




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