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Canada based Research In Motion(RIM) has increased its portfolio of smart phones in India by introducing three new handsets equipped with its latest ’Blackberry 7’ operating system(OS). While Blackberry Bold 9790 that comes with Qwerty keypad and touch display is priced at Rs. 27,490; Curve 9380, the company’s first full-touch device in the Curve category, comes with a price tag of Rs.20990. RIM has also introduced its first CDMA-based Blackberry 7 smart phone., Curve 9350, priced at Rs.20990. All the feature rich phones will hit the market early next month.

Smat Phone

Interestingly, all the new smart phones are equipped with Twitter, facebook and built in support for ‘augmented reality’ and ‘NFC’ (near field communication). While ‘augmented reality allows’ users to use applications to find nearby Blackberry Messenger contacts, read reviews or get the story behind an interesting landmark; NFC allows pairing of accessories or reading of ‘Smart Poster’ tags with a simple tap of the smart phone.

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“These new Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Curve smart phones offer compact designs with faster performance, enhanced browsing and richer multimedia, as well as NFC support, we hope to further consolidate our position in the Indian smart phone market with these interesting offerings,” RIM India Director (Marketing) Krishnadeep Baruah told journalists. “The Blackberry 7 OS provides a faster and richer user experience with improved browsing and voice-activated searches. It also includes the ability to manage personal content separately from corporate content, and comes with a variety of personal and productivity apps out of the box”. With the introduction of these 3 new handsets by Blackberry, the smart phone market is all set to confuse the minds of customers in deciding which is the best smart phone?

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