What are Pimples | Treatment for Pimples

Don’t get afraid when you see pimples on your skin, instead get know what are pimples and how to get rid of it. Know about the causes of pimples and acne thoroughly that will clear the basic doubts. Choose the right and safe method for the treatment of pimples.

What are Pimples | Treatment for Pimples

What are Pimples?

Our skin has a gland called “sebaceous gland” located at the base of the hair follicles under the skin. This gland produces “sebum” which is oily substance to keep our skin and (body) hair smooth. When sebum is over-produced it will block the pores of your skin where pores act as draining spots on your skin. Due to this blockage dead skin cells may not be able to come out when it attempts to drain out. This in turn forms as pimple. The blockage may occur due to dirt and infections which will lead to pimple. At times the pimple might be filled with pus with pain on the spot.

Two types of pimples are blackhead and whitehead pimples. When the dirt, bacteria or the sebum pushes from below skin whitehead is formed. The pimple will pop out with tiny white spots. The blackhead is when the pores break open with sebum which contains skin pigment melanin and turns down into brown or black in color. Pimples are also called as acne.

Treatment for Pimples

As and when a pimple starts to appear, people tend to pull out or try to extract the pimple out which is not advisable. The pimple contains infectious material that will harm the rest of the part of your skin and can lead to multiple acne spots on your face. If you want to pop out a pimple it must be done only under sterile conditions. Even though only the whitehead and blackhead should be removed or extracted. If you see pus-filled red pimple, it should be untouched.

The treatment of pimples is not common for all the conditions and it differs from the nature of the acne. Find acne treatments that work for your condition. Commonly, acne starts to form during your adolescent age where you have hormonal changes in your system. So, don’t see acne as an uncommon substance as almost 80% of teenagers use to come across this. Extracting or pulling out the pimples by your hand might lead to infections on your skin but be sure that it is not contagious. It will not spread to others like other skin diseases but the unhealthy practice of extracting acne might lead to other issues like scar etc.

Before going for a best treatment for acne, to avoid pimples one need to keep your skin clean. A clean skin is less prone to acne. A regular use of exfoliant will keep the skin deep cleaned without dirt or other blockages that leads to acne. A diet regulation might also help to avoid getting pimples such as less fat or oil substance. However, there is no scientific evidence between dietary change and acne’s effect. This might differ from person to person. Avoiding stress will also help you to keep acne away.

The best treatment for acne is to leave is untouched and let it take the natural course of time to get away. Normally, pimple should subside itself in a few days time. During this period try your best not to touch or irritate the pimple. Further, don’t try to hide the pimple by makeup as it would intensify the blockage leading to worse acne conditions. Should you need to touch the pimple then use clean hands. If the pimple gets worse and doesn’t get subside by itself in a few days time, it is advisable to have a medical attention but be sure to follow the above said safety measures by not irritating your skin.

There are acne treatments that work based on its conditions and cause but a same treatment is not applicable for all the cases. For pimple, body acne treatment is available in general but be sure to know the cause and go on for any treatment. Mostly, 70% of the pimple conditions will not trouble you for longer period as they subside naturally over a period of time. Before going on treatment for pimples know the basics about what are pimples so that it should not bother you much. Pubertal or adolescent pimples are common, further a good exercise will rejuvenate your skin and increases the blood flow keeping your skin healthy and glowing.

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