What are the Disadvantages of Solar Power?

Solar power is of course clean energy without any side-effects or production hazards. Scientists are working forward to bring in solar power as an easily accessible source to fulfill the power needs. Everything that we use have its positive and negative sides and different point of views.

Disadvantages and Challenges of Solar Energy

  • One of the major inconvenience of installing a solar-source enabled power system is the “cost”. The cost said here is to be understood only as the initial setup cost. However, it doesn’t require too much of running costs to its maintenance.
  • Solar Power for Homes

  • Though it generates clean power to our homes it is not resistant to pollution. It is said that solar panels should be taken care for its durability in polluted circumstances. Pollution can degrade the efficiency of the photo-voltaic cells. Though this risk is still there with old technology, the new technologies have improved to overcome such issues. Still the cost matters when you go for the latest equipment.
  • While thinking about producing solar power at a larger scale, the space would be a challenge. Unlike other power systems, huge solar power cannot be generated from a less available space. In certain cases, even to install the solar panel for a home need would be crucial if you couldn’t find enough space and the right place to fix the panel.
  • The Clean and Green Energy for Homes

  • It is a well known fact that solar power is based on the sunlight availability in the installed area. Though it would a good option for hot places where sun shines throughout the year or maximum days. The high invested solar equipment wouldn’t be able to transform you the solar power during off seasons when you couldn’t see the sunshine. This can also be handled by having efficient battery that would store enough power during the sunlight available days. Still, for home users and individuals, the storage capacity of the battery would be only for number of days and not for months.

Though there are a few disadvantages about the solar power, the advantages are more and uncomparable. If you live in a public or centralized power system you don’t have to rely on the unexpected power instead one can use the solar power for an uninterrupted power supply. Cost is the only major factor seen as disadvantage, the long-term benefits are worth its investment.

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