What is an Android Phone | Applications and Features

The Android is Linux based operating system for mobile devices which was developed by Google. In November 2007, Google has released the Android Beta and later on in September 2008 the first commercial version of Android 1.0 was released. The HTC Dream was the first Android device. Now, the Android market huge and growing at a larger pace bringing out updated versions like Android 1.1, Android 1.5 Cupcake, Android 1.6 Donut, Android 2.0/2.1 Éclair, android 2.2x Froyo, Android 2.3x Gingerbread, Android 3x Honeycomb, Android 4.0x Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.1x Jelly Bean etc keeping the counts in addition. These versions name comes in alphabetical order and they are all food names. The recent update of Android is Jelly Been in the year 2012.

Android Feature and Application

Features of Android

Day by day the features of Android has been increasing with additional user-friendly facilities. The fist Android device was HTC Dream that had the following features

Android Market:
This Android market helps to download the updates through market application.

Web Browser:
As the name suggests, this application is used to browse internet enabling to load HTML and XHTML web pages

Google Map:
This application helps to find the map, rout and location with the help of GPS device.

Google Talk:
Just like your PC, Google Talk helps in instant messaging to your gmail contacts through this application.

Voice Dialer:
Voice dialer application helps to call without typing a name and number

This application helps to watch youtube videos without downloading it on your handset.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth supports

The above features were the initial bundle during the first release of Android. Later these features were updated and the prices of the Android based devices have also increased considerably. Now, the latest Android version is Jelly Bean 4.1x and it has the following features:

• User interface is smooth
• All animation and drawing done by the framework of Android
• The languages and text in the Android is supported Bi-directional
• The automatic re-sizing and re-arranging of shortcuts and widgets are fit to the home screen
• Offline voice dictation
• Improved voice search and camera app
• High resolution of contact photos in Google +
• Multichannel audio, USB audio and Audio chaining (gapless playback)

Useful Android Application

The Android Operating System is providing lots of user friendly applications. Some of the apps are useful in daily life. If you have the android device – it makes you feel better and comfortable. The useful apps are as follows:

This apps helps to find or call a cab in a single click, Cab4me finds the nearest cab company within a minute and through this app you can find the nearest cab and book a cab easily with the help of cab4me Android application .


If you want to make international calls, you need to spend more money, this application installs Skype on your mobile which helps to chat or make calls to other countries at a free of cost (as per the conditions given while installing iSkoot app) and a similar application is available on iphone too.

iSkoot Android Application

This application is very useful for those who are passionate in shopping. Especially for housewives who wants to shop comfortable from their home. One can use this application to find the prices of products in detail on their mobile. The advantage of ShopSavvy is that it tells you the nearest cost price shop once you search for the product name by typing or scanning the barcode.

shopsavvy | Android Application

This special app is for song lovers with fancy features. People may like to have fancy ring tones of part of a song that they may like for various reasons. This Android application helps to cut the ring tone from the selected song from the SD card directly. You can cut them into a piece of audio file and set it as your ringtone – Ringdroid can be a good one for many who loves to keep their mobile sounds attractive.

Ringdroid | Android Application

Like these there are around 600000 and above Android applications in the market and in Google play. Among these, some applications are free and some are paid apps. Paid apps contain more features comparing to trial or freely available apps. The Android has created a revolution among the young generation and the office goers through plenty of Android based devices giving them the convenience of doing their office job anywhere and at anyplace.

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