What is Early Pregnancy? | Signs for Early Pregnancy

What is early pregnancy? This term is being misinterpreted in many answers or the term “early pregnancy” is being misunderstood in a few or many cases. When someone is in their early pregnancy period does not mean that they are young to be pregnant or they are pregnant soon after their marriage or “relationship”. Early pregnancy is the period of first two weeks of their pregnancy where they are still unsure of whether they are pregnant or not. A few signs and symptoms might ensure them being pregnant but yet to be confirm to proceed further on pregnancy precautions and engage themselves in a pregnancy schedule. What are the signs of early pregnancy?

What is Early Pregnancy Signs for Early Pregnancy

What are the Signs of Early Pregnancy?

Here are the 15 signs to find out and ensure whether you are pregnant. These are all early pregnancy symptoms with which your possibility is confirmed.

  1. Missed Period: Missing a period could be your early sign of pregnancy however, you must be sure about the reason still as pregnancy is the not the only reason to miss a period. If you are expecting a pregnancy and is being missed which unusual in your schedule, then you can be almost sure about the possibilities of being pregnant. Look for other signs of pregnancy are matching with it. Other reasons to miss a period could be stress, illness, change in schedules, change in medications, being overweight, being underweight, miscalculation, peri-menopause, menopause and finally yes, pregnancy too.
  2. If your period is unusual which is longer than your usual or shorter than your usual term, this could be a reason of your early pregnancy. Also an “abnormal period”, that is abnormal from your typical cycle in some way or other.
  3. Few women would notice that they feel uterine cramping. This could be a worrying factor for some. You may also notice that you feel period like cramps or even pain on one side. One of the most common reasons to have pain that feels like cramping is actually your uterus growing which is a sign of the early pregnancy. This pain is normal and is expected in a healthy pregnancy. You may also feel “full” or “heavy” in the area of your uterus.
  4. The very first sign that a woman would feel during the early pregnancy days is nausea and vomiting. It’s also called as morning sickness which will be there until the sixth week of pregnancy.
  5. Change in your sexual desire. There could be emotional changes in your libido. There could be unusual pleasure or pain during your “relationship”.
  6. Soreness of your breasts. You can feel your breast being sore or tender as the breast is responding to the internal changes preparing itself for a breastfeed.
  7. Enlargement of breast and change in the nipple size. The nipple will get relatively bigger and dark. Around the areola there would be smaller pimple like bumps occurring which is normal in early pregnancy – those spots are called asMontgomery’s tubercules.
  8. Frequent urination or sensation to urinate at regular intervals is a sign of early pregnancy. This happens due to extra blood and fluid used in pregnancy that is excreted through your kidneys.
  9. Craving for different things to eat or smell. Eager to eat more ice-creams or pickles etc. The craving would change from person to person.  This different or strange feeling not just occurs on foods and eatables but also having emotional excitements and longing for different things. A study says that almost 68% of women will have craving at some point of pregnancy.
  10. Fatigue is another symptom of early pregnancy. It is not just the tiredness or feeling sleepy, the pregnancy fatigue is something real fainting like feeling.
  11. Montgomery’s tubercules is the white pimple-like spot that develops around the nipple on your areola. This is not abnormal and nothing to worry about it, but it is a sign of early pregnancy.
  12. Changes in the skin may occur due to both hormonal and mechanical changes during the days of your early pregnancy.
  13. Enlarging uterus might show up a change in the size of your belly. Avoid comparing the size of the belly with other pregnant women as it differs in size on various combinations of factors. For example a first-time mom would have a smaller size than other moms. It is based on the uterine expansion and related factors.
  14. Baby moving movements can be felt but don’t have to worry if it’s happening sooner. First-time mom will have the feeling of baby movement between 18-24 weeks of pregnancy.
  15. Leakage from breasts might occur during early pregnancy days. Either from one breast or from both the breasts this leakage may occur or some women would barely find any. This discharge is colostrum.

Any one of the above 15 early pregnancy signs will confirm you being pregnant. Combination of all or a few might occur giving you the good news of being pregnant. Once you confirm the signs of early pregnancy, it is advisable to visit your physician or gynecologist for further pregnancy care advices and preparation. Hormonal and mechanical changes starts to happen in you by itself where you need to alter your emotional and related changes externally.

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