What is Nomophobia? Mobile Phone Fears

What is Nomophobia?

Nomophobia is a term invented recently. This is named Nomophobia after the term no-mobile-phone phobia. Nomophobia is the fear of going out without carrying your mobile. This term is invented by YouGov, a UK-based research organization. It is found that people get very anxious when they lose their mobile phone, run out of battery or credit, or due to less network coverage. This is recently observed among the people and especially among the teenagers. Those who have this Nomophobia never switch off their cell phones and they want to be contactable at all times. Surveys shows that people affected with this Nomophobia are always keeping in touch with friends or family just because of their affection towards their mobile phones and the reason they cannot stay away from their mobile without using it. People suffering from this Nomophobia will be always busy working with their mobile phones without any valid reasons.

Mobile Phone Disease

Mobile Phone Disease

Symptoms of Nomophobia:

People suffering from this Nomophobia will feel anxious if they stay away from their mobile even for few seconds and they will not concentrate on any other words until they reach out to their mobile phones. They will be worrying about losing their phones and this will keep them worried all the time. Also, those who have this Nomophobia will be carrying an extra phone just as a precaution when their primary phone breaks. Those who are affected by this Nomophobia will be carrying their phone to their bed and they will never stay away from their phone even for a second. If you have all the above symptoms then you are likely to have this Nomophobia. According to many surveys recently held, it is evident that this Nomophobia is on rise and especially among the younger generations. Also, people affected with this Nomophobia will often checking out their mobile device just to make sure they haven’t lost their mobile phones. They will not stop worrying even if they are in a secured place. Finally, this will be affecting their health and their everyday life.

Is there a cure for Nomophobia?

People affected with this Nomophobia will have to try staying away from their phone for some time and they will have to increase this timing gradually. They should imagine their life without mobile phones and they should be optimistic when they imagine so. If the above process is really miserable and in case if you could not prevent yourself from doing the above then you will have to consider taking medications and that too under the supervision of a certified doctor.

This Nomophobia if first identified in 2008. A survey was held among 1,000 people and it was found out that two-thirds of them feared about losing their mobile phones without any reasons. This study also revealed that 41 percent of the people suffering from this Nomophobia have two phones or more in an effort to stay connected with their closed ones. This Nomophobia is widely observed among women than men. According to a survey, it is found that women are mostly affected than men and that too working women occupies a large percentage.

Also it is found that young adults aged 18 to 24 are more Nomophobic and takes the first place in this phobia. The second position is occupied by the people aged 25 to 34. The third position goes to the people aged 55 and above. During 2008 when this was first discovered men were more afflicted with this phobia whereas the case is different at the present time.


Since the people suffering from this Nomophobia will be carrying two phones, they are likely to misplace both of their mobile and again getting themselves into deep trouble. Also, nomophobic people will be checking their mobile phones for at least 34 times a day and it would not take long enough for them to realize if they had misplaced their device. Also, people suffering by this Nomophobia will get very angry if their messages and texts were viewed by their partner and this will lead to a deep trouble in their family and social life. Just to prevent their mobile phones being viewed by others, they will be encrypting their device or will be using pin codes to protect their mobiles. They will be spending lot more time in just worrying about their phone security and will not be concentrating on their regular works.

This development of Nomophobia should not be a surprise since this is an extension of the human need for connection. Recent technologies like high speed internet and laptops help people feel more connected than before, it is crucial to learn to be at peace with disconnection as well. Treatment for this Nomophobia can be dealt with several different angles such as exposure therapy or mediations. People who receive the therapy treatment might have to stay away from their mobile phones for a certain period of time. Also, it is very important to receive the treatments since it is a must to understand that this Nomophobia will be affecting one’s personal as well as social life.

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