What is Set-Top Box? STB Doubts and Answers

Set-Top box which is called as STB is a device fixed at the consumer’s house or premises attached to their television to watch the encrypted channel of their choice. The basic function of a set-top box is to decrypt and covert the digital signals into analog mode watchable on the television set.

What is STB or Set-Top Box?

What is Set-Top Box? STB Questions and Answers

With the advancement in the satellite television technology, the channels carried will be as Digital Analog Signals (DAS) which needs a device to convert and carry them to the TV box that can be viewed by us. Similar to mobile phones that has SIM card in it; set-top box has a card in it which is called as smart card or viewing card which allows the subscriber to watch only the subscribed channels. These smart card or viewing cards are provided by an authorized service provider.

Do I require any particular type or any special TV to fix and use the STB?

No special television box is required to use a set-top box. Your existing television can still be used but make sure that the TV is connected to the STB, as only it can receive and convert the DAS to your TV that can be viewed by you.

Can I use the STB to watch more than one television that I have at home?

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If you have more than one television at home, the consumer has to use separate set-top boxes for each television at home. The same STB cannot be used for multiple TVs.

Can a same STB be used to receive signals from DTH providers?

No, the set-top boxes used to receive DAS (Digital Analog Signals) cannot be used to receive signals from DTH as both these technologies are entirely different.

Can I use the same set-top box with another cable operator?

The STB of one cable operator may not be compatible with the system of other cable operators. Therefore it is not always possible to use the STB of one cable operator to others.

Where to buy a set-top box from?

Generally, the STB is provided by the cable operator.

What if my set-top box goes repair?

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Usually, the cable operator gives one year warranty while providing the STB. During this period if your STB goes faulty, no additional charges for repair or related service charges are applicable. They will be fixing it without any charge. However, the repairing cost has to be paid after the warranty period. If yours is a hired set-top box or if it is on rental, no repairing or service charges are applicable.

Is it possible to watch the channels relayed in DAS using my ordinary cable connection?

Channels relayed using DAS cannot be viewed using your ordinary cable connection or without a STB.

In India, it has become mandatory to install set-top boxes in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. This will slowly expand during the forthcoming months or years. It is better to know thoroughly to what is set-top box thoroughly and its usages. Digital receiver and set-top box are not the same as both their technologies differ completely.

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If you live in any of the above cities, try installing a good set-top box to watch television live in digital mode without any trouble. Please revisit the above FAQs again if you have any doubt regarding STB. For further information regarding this, please visit TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) website.

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