What Is Study Abroad Program?

What is study abroad program is a question which puzzles the students who want to carry out their education outside their home country. Study abroad program is nothing but students who go to the foreign countries to complete their part of the degree program through educational activities outside their country. This is different from studying on a student visa.

Details about what is study abroad program?

what is study abroad program

A student who goes to the foreign country on a student visa has to take care of themselves. They will not be assisted with their staying or anything. They will have to take care on their own. But students who go to the foreign country based on this study abroad program will be arranged by their own university or an institution where they study. This university or the institution will take the responsibility of making the students to stay on any one of the family where they are about to visit, so that they can learn their culture, practices, beliefs etc., Also the student who goes under this program will be monitored so that they don’t have to fear for anything when they face any problem. Each and every university will have their own budgets and will choose the students for this program accordingly.

Therefore the students who go abroad for a limited period of time (may be a semester or for few months) will have the opportunity of learning the cultures and intellectual of their visiting country. Also students who get this opportunity will have the credit of exploring a new world, through which they can develop the self confidence, learn a lot about their selves and will acquire the habit of adjusting themselves to whatever situations.

Few benefits of study abroad program:

Students who go to abroad shall enjoy the following few benefits

  • They will mature a lot, because they will not have their parents to help them under risk conditions putting them to take their own decisions and to tackle the problematic situations with sheer willpower and confidence
  • Students underwent this program will have a credit when applying for any job since mentioning this aboard program will highlight their confidence, adjusting to any situation which will attract the recruiters mostly
  • Students will have the benefit of learning a new language developing their foreign language skills
  • He or she will develop their open-mindedness towards other cultures and will start to respect everyone in the society
  • Numerous employers are looking for students or graduates who have studied abroad and they will have a good understanding about international knowledge, second language skills and the ability to adapt themselves to the given new circumstance and will have the skill of dealing with different cultures

There are a lot other benefits too in a study abroad program and the above are all a few benefits of this program. But all these benefits depend on each and every individual based on how they take the situation into control. Some students will never adapt to the foreign situations and will keep praising their own cultures. On that case, it would be better if we say they are missing out the definition of life. Life is about adjusting to every situation and keeping ourselves happy. If one cannot adjust themselves then it will be very hard for them to live in this contemporary world. There is a saying that “To fear diversity is to fear life itself”. Hence one should learn to adjust to every situation.

Frequently Asked Questions about this program:

  • How much time can I spend abroad?
  • Do I need to live with a family, with my fellow mates, or with other visitors
  • Do I need to spend most of my time in one location or can I travel around?
  • How much money do I have to spend?
  • The courses which I have taken will fulfill my degree requirements?

All the above will give a clear picture about “what is study abroad program”.  Some additional tips to remember is that: Students who go abroad should do some research on the country they are about to visit. They should understand that country’s language, history, culture, social and political conditions through books, plays, films and exhibitions. They can very well find reference materials in most of the public libraries and from the appropriate embassy or the respective tourist offices. So, planning is very much important and is the key factor to be successful when they really visit that country. As an international student, they shall enjoy the potential challenges they will face in that country. The students’ each and every day experience will be an adventure which can prepare you to move forward for the rest of your life.


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    International study programs are definitely a great experience for students. Students who pursue study abroad programs mostly live in another country with a new family like you have mentioned. This helps them to understand about the culture and practices of the foreign country. All the benefits which you have mentioned about study abroad programs are also very true.

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