What is Swine Flu?

Another disease that spreads fast among the public and panicking the society is Swine Flu. Have a better knowledge about what is swine flu? Swine flu is a human disease that spreads from one person to another which is also called as 2009 H1N1 type A influenza. As it literally means, swine flu does not spread through pigs but spreads easily from one person to another person who has got this disease.

What is Swine Flu Virus?

H1N1 Swine Flu Viruses

The swine flu is originally named after pig but it doesn’t come from pig alone. Swine flu virus is a reassortant virus which means the virus which has got two or more pieces of nucleic acid from different parents. Scientists are yet to give a proper name to the virus since the gene of swine flu virus has got the mix of swine, bird and human flu viruses. Though there was not yet a proper name to the virus, it has been named as H1N1 swine flu virus as initially the virus jumped to humans from live pigs that was attacked already by this H1N1virus.

Swine flu virus that commonly spreads among pigs is not the same as human flu virus. If you are aware about the fact, swine flu does not infect the people directly. People who have had swine flu earlier were one who had direct contact with pigs. Recently spreading out “swine flu” viruses are different which has changed in many ways from the original virus and is now being spread from human to human even to persons who doesn’t have contacts with pig.

To differentiate the swine flu virus that affects the human and the one that originally affects the pigs including seasonal influenza AH1N1, CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has named the viruses with the following names that directly affects human and spreads among person to person.

  • 2009 H1N1 virus
  • Novel H1N1 or nH1N1
  • Quadruple assortant H1N1
  • 2009 pandemic H1N1
  • As these viruses ‘drift’ genetically, the flu vaccine has to be taken time to time to get rid of this completely if you are suspicious about its presence in the nearby living area. Many people will have at least partial immunity to these seasonal H1N1 viruses if you have been vaccinated against this flu bug.

    The webmd.com quotes that “the H1N1 swine flu is not the usual “drift variant” of H1N1. It came to humans from a different line of evolution. That means most people have no natural immunity to H1N1 swine flu. The normal seasonal flu shot does not protect against this new virus.”

    Just getting panic about swine flu does not help to protect yourself unless you know thoroughly everything about the disease. Understand better, what is swine flu, how it is being caused, the symptoms, precautions, treatments etc and educate the “facts” and findings to your nearer ones at your home and workplace.