What is the Difference Between Regular MBA and an EMBA?

Today business trends have become globalized. It highly matters the way you think, plan and execute operations wisely. This is the strategic formula of successful international businesses. MBA – master degree program is common for all branches of studies; its value is something special. There are ample career opportunities available for enthusiastic MBA talents globally.

Your career thoughts might have filled with colorful ambitions to get them true one day. Interested in pursuing MBA which changes your career to fruitful one? Here is the perfect guidance on how to choose your MBA degree to make your career sparkling. The three letter word MBA would make miracles in your career life. MBA is the management master degree program which has been crafted purposively to carve individuals in developing perfect managerial skills and act wisely.

Different Between MBA and EMBA

Regular MBA

Normal MBA courses are offered to graduates of any stream irrespective of the disciplines they hold. It is a two year course offered by various universities. First year will be taught with common management principles. In the second year, one will have to pursue by learning the chosen specialization and core subject papers. One should be careful while selecting the branches in MBA. Choose your MBA specialization rightly according to your desire and interest. Because it the first career step which is laden to build your bright and valuable future. The main branches available in MBA degree are:

  • General
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Banking
  • International business
  • Retail management
  • Information Systems
  • Global Management
  • Tourism
  • Human management

    Executive MBA

    EMBA (Executive MBA) is the master business degree program like normal MBA. It is specially designed for professionals who have work experience to enhance and acquire the management experience. A regular MBA is not required to pursue an EMBA. It purely requires the work experience to get started with an EMBA degree program. EMBA helps the professionals to excel in their career ladder.

    Mostly, executive MBA master degree courses are offered only by top business schools in the country. Executive MBA students will generally have work experience and are often executives in the companies where they work. Actually they do continue to work full time during the course program. The study materials for MBA and EMBA (Executive MBA) are identical. Regarding the cost of the course EMBA seems to be expensive.The classes will be held on Fridays and on weekends. EMBA degree program actually emphasis learning the new managerial abilities.

    The EMBA course is constructed well with excellent curriculum that includes various major disciplines. Additionally, these EMBA programs require special level commitment in toggling between job and business school.

    EMBA helps you to gain more management skills like:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Critical analysis
  • Latest trends in management style and equips professional skills.
  • Team building skills
  • Moreover, other real time skills necessarily possessed by the managers.

    Career Help:
    If you aspire to become a business man, EMBA (Executive MBA) will set you at the right and bright path. Else if you desire to work with big reputed companies, a regular MBA is good enough to shine in your position in your cadre. Wishing good luck for your career endeavors.

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