What to Study after 12th Standard? Guide to Success

What to study after 12th standard? What should I have to study in college after my school? No student would be there without asking these questions to them. Even these would be the major questions what their parents might have asked them. In fact, this thought or confusion creeps up much before in 10th standard itself. Before going further to guide you on what to study in college, the +2 can be divided into three streams.

  • 1. Science
  • 2. Commerce
  • 3. Arts
  • In science they call it PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology) or PCMC (Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Computer Science). In this, those who are studying computer cannot go to medicinal courses. Only who study Biology can go for medicine department.

    What to Study after 12th Standard?

    What to Study after 12th Standard?

    From 10th standard, other than going for further school studies (11th or 12th) there are options to go for polytechnic, ITI (Industrial Training), Paramedical courses or any professional course. Why certain parents or students decide to go for a professional course after 10th? This could on various situations like financial problem or urgency to get into a job etc.

    However, it is good to complete +2 because you’ll have more options to study further and more opportunities to search for a job. It is always to good rethink and think again before confirming on something. It is not that after completing B.Com you must go work in accounts department. Similarly, not necessarily an engineering graduate must think about going only for an engineering job. Educating yourself and choosing a job is different from each other, however, it is something concerned with your future.

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    After 12th, there are many numbers of courses to choose and study – Medicine, Engineering, Science, Accountancy, Art, etc. Before looking into all these departments in detail, it is important to know what are the factors that stand behind a student in choosing a course.

    Important reasons behind Choosing a Course or Department:

    1. Income

    You choose a course or industry to do well and earn money. Your thought about earning a decent income would stick on to certain selective courses.

    2. Respect and or Status

    The status that society gives you would be a factor for someone to choose a course to study. As it exists, certain professions like doctor have their place in the society with respect.

    3. Future or Prospects for that Field.

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    Take for example the doctor profession, the demand always exists in medicinal field. As per a statistical report, in India, it is said that only 130 doctors and 141 nurses exist per 1,00,000 people and this demand would increase further. The infrastructural development is going on in India so the civil engineering will have demand. Lots of power stations are yet to be setup in the country and the demand in the electrical engineering field would be more. One can do a futuristic study and choose the course that you want to study. Note: IT field can accept candidates from any other stream but one cannot just study IT alone and can survive in other industry.

    4. Job Opportunity.

    Earlier there was a job security, based on which on was able to choose a field. It doesn’t exist now. Now-a-days there is no compulsion exist that one must one in an organization throughout his career. If the salary offered and the job satisfaction is available from elsewhere, you can shift to that company. Today, you must think whether the job has opportunities for self-growth and career advancements.

    5. Interest and Aptitude

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    In general, no one takes this aspect seriously or very few thinks in this dimension while choosing to study a course. Some might possess certain talents or passion naturally towards certain field or aspect. If you can tune your talents formally by taking up a related course, you can go heights. For example, one might be interested in classical music and would be passionate towards it. By forcing yourself to study civil engineering would not give any better outcome. Both your inborn interest or talent and the course you have opted would be of no use to you to build a career growth.

    When you are stuck with the question what to study after 12t standard, a course should be selected only based on the above five points. Mostly, the first four points are considered to choose a course in the college but considering the fifth point would be more ideal if you are interested in something. Your passion is the highest energy than anything to build a strong career and liking it completely.

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