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Which smart phone is the best? This is the topic that is debated by the younger generation who are obsessed with communication. There are so many mobile phones with various functions and one goes dizzy when it comes to choosing the ideal phone which fits into the scheme of things of an individual and of course the purse. One of the basic queries an individual should answer is the value that he/she attaches to the smart phone that he/she wants to own. Some people need a physical keyboard, while others want a large screen. Knowing the real and right value of your smart phone the options could be narrowed down and answer to which smart phone is the best becomes relatively easy.

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If you are looking for a phone with a large screen, there are several 4.3” phones available including the DROID x2,HTC Evo 3D and DROID CHARGE. Phones with a keyboard include the Motorola DROID 3 and most Blackberry models. Another big part of the decision making process a buyer needs to decide is what operating system they want to use. This is a huge decision, since it dictates how your phone will function. Apple’s iOS, found on the iPhone lineup, offers a very sleek and intuitive interface. On the other hand, it is a much more closed environment than other platforms. Android is a little more clunky than iOS, but it is highly customizable. Users who want more control over their experience and like to customize will probably enjoy Android more, but users who want to get a phone and just use it will prefer iOS.

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Finally an article about which smart phone is the best cannot decide for you. The best way to which phone is comfortable for you is to go to retail store and get the feel of the smart phone you have in mind. This will enable you to select the smart phone you have in mind rather easily.

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