Win Huge Prizes on Samsung Youtube Talent Contest

THE STAGE- The Ultimate Samsung Youtube Talent contest

Here is the rare of its kind chance to win huge cash and other prizes by participating in Samsung Youtube Talent Contest with simple procedures. Are you a youtube lover and have passion about mobile applications? This is for you to be a part of Samsung’s Talent Contest 2011.

The Stage - Samsung Mobile Contest

Wondering what will be the prizes? If you become the best performer of the month, there is $3000 to be paid every month. Additionally, a professional film shoot and grand sum of $10,000 for the grand champion!

Is there anything else that you are waiting for? Pick your mobile and go visit Samsung Mobile Moments to download your Free Application from the Android market to get started. This free app is only valid till the end of this contest that is till March 01, 2012. It is obvious that you need to have an internet connection to download this application. Make sure that Wi-Fi is switched on in your mobile setting as wi-fi works best. You can use 3G but it’ll be slower. Further, you can visit YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK of Samsung Mobiles for latest updates and additional key features

Show to the world those lovely moments that you want to show in 2 minutes or less capturing the precious close-to-heart moments that you love. Maximum, one person can enter up to three entries in a month. There is $25000 for the best entry and you will have the chance to start in your own promotional video.


If you believe that you are passionate in capturing pictures and have a creativity sense, you are the right person holding the eligibility. Most importantly, you should own a Samsung mobile.

What you need to do?

Here are the 5 simple points that you need to do

1. Watch the latest entries
2. Vote for your favorites
3. Record your own entry and upload to YouTube
4. Share entries with your friends
5. Keep up with the latest tech trends with the Samsung Mobile Street Squad


Here are the rules of the contest. Make it a point that you read the complete rules and regulations – Samsung Talent Contest Rules

Last date of entry: March 01, 2012

Are you interested in this contest? You have got a lot of time from now. What are you waiting for! Grab the opportunity that comes your way. The stage is yours! Samsung Youtube Talent Contest could bring a big change in your life !!

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